Shop Til You Drop

Check out my pretty new dishes. Aren't they very girly :)

Check out my pretty new dishes. Aren’t they very girly ūüôā

Jason has  become  my shopping buddy, He  is like extremely patiently with my disorganized way  of  shopping. I am basically all over the place. The mission today was  to get a toaster oven.  I miss  baking things. I never  even though of the joys  of  an oven until I did not have one. Also I am having a dinner party tomorrow so I wanted to make  garlic  bread. A toaster oven is a very useful for  an expat .

My toaster oven

My toaster oven

Jason and I took the¬† white van over¬† to Auchan(my¬† favorite¬† store) While we were¬† looking at the toaster oven, 2¬† employees rushed to help us. Then they took the¬† toaster oven and¬† opened the box and¬† walked away.¬† Jason told me they were checking to see if it works. This is¬† when I had¬† my WTF moment. In the USA they¬† don’t plug up and¬† check to see if the¬† product¬† works. In the US you buy¬† the¬† product and if it does¬† not¬† work¬† you return the¬† product or¬† use¬† your¬† warranty. Jason said that they do the¬† same thing in the Philippines.

This is one Chinese Way that¬† I really appreciate. So¬† guess what? My original product¬† did¬† not work when they tried¬† turning it on. It was not heating at all. The oven was not warm. Three other¬† employees rushed¬† over¬† to assist. So there¬† were¬† five women trying to get this¬† oven to work.¬† This was¬† the last one of that model. One¬† of the¬† women rushed over to get the demo model. They¬† plugged it in and this one heated up quickly. I decided to take the demo model, I didn’t like the¬† other¬† brand that they had. Now I just¬† have to figure out Celsius. This one¬† has pictures¬† and¬† tell you¬† what ¬† temperature¬† and how long to cook certain foods. It is idiot proof.

As we were  walking away  we  noticed that the employee plugged the  original one back in and it started  smoking! It was defective. Thank goodness, the Chinese  test products  before you buy them! That is one  practice  I think we  should  adopt back home  in the  States. On a side note kudos to the  customer  service  at this  store. It is  top notch. That is  one  of the  main reasons  that I like Auchan over Walmart.  I have  to say perhaps there is  a unseen code that Walmart employees  adhere  to that states that they  should ignore  customers, be  rude  and text. The Walmart  employees  at the one I went  to are just like back home!

Making a list and  check it twice

Making a list and check it twice

Next I had¬† to buy¬† some things¬† for the dinner party. This¬† time I came¬† armed¬† with a list, I didn’t want to drive Jason too insane. I am not a list person, but it did¬† keep me¬† a bit¬† more centered.¬† I went off the¬† list a bit, I bought a¬† hamper. Oh and¬† I¬† forgot to add in¬† plates, bowls¬† and cups. I bought salad¬† tongs¬† as¬† well. Oh¬† and towels to¬† wrap the¬† dishes in. Plus I needed¬† more towels. I forgot a¬† big¬† bowl to¬† serve the¬† salad in, so I am going to look in the¬† local store¬† on¬† campus¬† for that. I also bought¬† some¬† wine.

Between my purchases¬† and Jason’s purchases we realized there¬† was¬† no way that we were going to fit all of this¬† stuff in the white van. We also would¬† have¬† to hoof it back to our¬† apartments. It is¬† about a 15-20 minute walk from the¬† back to where we¬† live on campus, so we decided¬† to take¬† a taxi. We hailed one. There was a taxi driver passing us, ¬†he¬† had a another¬† person in the car he¬† stopped¬† and backed up into oncoming traffic. Jason , who speaks some Chinese¬† told him where we¬† were¬† going. We stepped in the cab. This¬† was the cabbie from hell. If¬† he¬† was born in the¬† US he¬† would have become a Nascar driver! OMG he drove fast. I have¬† been in other¬† taxis¬† before but never have a ridden in one¬† where¬† he drives like a manic. He made a U-turn¬† so quickly that you could hear his tires squealing! Oh and ¬†he broke out in spontaneous song and there was no ¬†music.

Speed Racer  nearly  missed the  back entrance to the college. He was  going  close to  90 miles an hour. Jason screamed for  him  to stop that. He made the  most abrupt  stop and I was nearly thrown off  my seat!  He  drove  in the  gate, there  were  no  guard  so he  did  not have to leave his taxi license with the  guard(Oh  something  bizarro, the  dude  had  two different taxi license with photos. Once we  got in the cab he switched his license. That was all kinds  of  sketchy) He  drove  around the  campus  doing at least 60 miles per hour! Students  were  walking and  had to jump out of the  way! What a crazy  cabbie! When he  stopped in front of the apartment the tires screeched again. I was  glad to be out of that  cab!