Super Bowl Monday


One thing that I have vowed  to myself since the  start of the new year was to live a happier life and  make new friends. I am actually more of a homebody and  quite shy. People think I am outgoing, but I am just a friendly person. Recently I have been making more friends in the expat scene of Hangzhou. My new friend Kevin, an American from Oregon invited  me a Super Bowl party at Vineyards.  Since we are 11 hours ahead of New York time, that meant The Super Bowl  would start at 7am on Monday. Wade, the owner of Vineyards decided to have a special breakfast menu to choose from. I love breakfast but that would mean waking up at 4:45!! I also, really miss living in America. The excitement of The Super Bowl is  something I really miss. So I said yes,


My cheapskate self decided  to take the bus. There is a bus that stops right in front of  my house that goes to the bar. It starts  as 6. A bus trip in China isn’t exactly  the best experience, someone is always spitting, someone always stinks and it gets really crowded especially during peak time. I however and pretty much immune  to this. It took about 35 minutes  to get to the bar. My friend Kevin was  waiting  at the bar. The place was empty.  We a found a seat and had  to decide between omelettes or pancakes. Now the  choice is obvious if  you have lived in China for even a day. It comes  to which they can’t mess up the least.  Now pancakes though yummy can be messed up quite badly here in China for many reasons. The batter could just be gross and the syrup of low qualities.  Eggs on the other hand who can screw up eggs? Plus the eggs came  with hash browns,toast, sausage and ham, So yeah  we chose the  eggs.

IMG_1408 (1)

Well our unfortunate new found friends Sam and Dylan did not make the correct choice. The pancakes were not happy looking pancakes. Plus they only had two pieces of sausage. There was only a 5 rmb difference  and we got  so much more. We also got free coffee refills. Coffee in China isn’t like coffee back home. At least it woke  me up. I didn’t want to be like a total alcoholic and  pound the beers back just yet. My guy friends didn’t  care they started  drinking at 7am!!!

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We had  to change  our table  due  to technical difficulties. Sam and  Dylan already switched table so we asked  to join them. Eventually at around 7:45 a Rogue beer magically appeared in my hand followed by another. Soon more people came in and the place was packed. Our table filled up. I made friends with a bunch of expats from Linping. They were all Seahawks fan. I had no team loyalty. The Giants didn’t make it in and I am demographically from a state closer to The Patriots so I was silently  rooting for the Pats. Kevin and Sam decided we all have to  to  do shots every time there was an interception or a score.  So  we were doing shots and pounding beers.


After the WTF ending of the game Kevin, Sam, Amin and I  decided to have Korean food and more beers. The others stayed and had a drunken game of football and of course they broke something and  someone ended up getting hurt. Sam and I forgot some things at the bar so we had  to go back. Kevin went home. Well we all stayed  at the bar until 7pm. It was a great day and I amde so many new friends. I even made 2 female American friends. Most of  my friends are foreign males so it will be nice  to have  some cool gal pals,

One of the best things  about living abroad are the open minded  and  cool expats and locals that you can meet. I am thankful to have  this opportunity to explore.

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