Welcome to my Crypt!!!! Muhahahaha!


My apartment building in Nanchang at the university.

My  first month in  China, i spent living in a hotel on  campus. I felt extremely displaced. The reason why  I was living in a hotel was because, they were renovation  my apartment.  The hotel had  it’s  perks but I really longed for  a place to call my own. On March 21st I  got the  call that I could come to The Foreign Affairs  Office  and pick up my keys! I was so excited. I walked over with Ron’s wife. I first, being a Christian asked Mr. Grumpy, if  he  would like me to pick up his  keys  fro him but he yelled at me. I am trying to be  a good Christian  but that man( he teaches English too) is really grating on my nerves!  He has  bad  knees  so I was trying to be  kind.

I found  out that I live  on the third floor in room 301. i am not in the same building as Ron the Canadian and  his wife. They live  next door to Joel and Lulu. Joel and  Lulu are my friends and I really like them we  got  to church together.  I was bummed that I do not live next  door to them. i do live next door to Jason, the Filipino. He is  also  an English teacher at my school and  he  has  been at the school for  five years. He is  extremely nice and offered to help me when I need heavy things lifted.

The apartment wasn’t clean and I had  no bed linen, so I opted  to take the  white van into town and  pick up bed linen at Auchan (chain department store in China).I then  dropped off the bed linen at my new place and went  to the hotel i had  class on Friday in the  afternoon so I moved my luggage over to the  new apartment. It took about three trips and  I hurt  my ankle in the process.

People  from the university came later on Friday to bring in my computer, luckily I bought a LAN wire with me. I discovered that I had no internet! Oh no my life was ruined. what  would, i do? I had  whole weekend without the internet, it was torture. i spent time cleaning.

Friday, night, I made the bed  and collapsed on it. i was exhausted. I also got my first cold while living in China  and  it was very  chilly. Oh and when I took a shower the  next morning, my apartment flooded. I was wondering why the water  was not  flowing out of the drain. I had to take the strainer out!!!!. when i got out of the shower there was water everywhere!. In the  dining room and  kitchen. I only had one  towel. I  bought  cleaning supplies  and  several mops. Mr. Grumpy will be  living downstairs from me, I hope the water  did not leak into his apartment.

Besides  the  mishaps, I have to say that I am so glad to be home 🙂 The only thing I need now is  a dog and then my life would be awesome