The Case of the Visa Violation

When, I decided to write a blog it was to a means  of  catharsis  as well as to provide insight for people who may want to teach in China. I don’t want anyone to make the same  mistakes that I did, the process and the paperwork can be  very tricky. It  would behoove the future teacher in China to know the  complete process and be  prepared to remind  their  sponsoring school concerning deadlines. I didn’t  do that and almost had to pay a huge fine. Read my story  and I have to say God was with me today and I really felt  his presence. If  you are an atheist then this  is not a post you will want to read so stop here 🙂

This  morning Ron( The Canadian) and I had to apply for  our residency permits.  Actually I had  to apply, Ron had and expired Z Visa. Ron had  to get an L Visa then he has to go to Hong Kong and  apply for a Z Visa then come back to get  a residency permit.  His Visa expired 20 days ago and he has to pay 500 yuan for each day. So he  has  to pay 4000 yuan , buy an L Visa and  a two way ticket to Hong Kong. Not very  cheap!!!

The driver picked us up from the hotel(yes I am still living in a hotel) at 8:30 am. Ms H( her job is to take care of  the foreign teachers, she  works in the Foreign Affairs Office) met  us there. Now  usually this  is an extremely  quick process. The building we went to was  for Entry and exit of people coming and leaving China. This place  handles  Foreign Experts Certification, Residency Permits and  other things. Ms. H handed  our paperwork in to  one office. Then we both had to get photos taken then we proceeded  back to the original office. This was where  we got yet another photo and Rob was to get his L Visa and i was to get my Residency permit.

photo compliments
This is how a Residency Permit looks. Thank goodness I can get one!!!

photo compliments of
This is how a Residency Permit looks. Thank goodness I can get one!!!

Then it hit!!! Houston we have a problem!!! Ms. H was arguing with the Police officer behind the desk and scurry around and trying to talk to other people. Ron glanced  a peek and told me it was a problem  with my Visa. I was getting worried.  I asked Ms. H what the  problem was, I am in freak out mode  right about now. I was scared and thoughts  about being deported started running in my head. Or about spending  more  money like  poor Ron, money  which I do not have readily available. I did a Tsrah prayer  with all my heart to God. God used people as a vehicle to aid  me. Ms. Hwang had  a connection another  police officer who called the supervisor and talked to hi,. I was allowed  to apply for  my Residency Permit.  I am an extremely lucky girl, I have  to remember how much God loves  me and  he is with me.

The day ended with a Chicken, Muslim bread( Chang Min needs to bring me the bread  from Shanghai, this stuffy I had was puny compared to the ones by him)  purchasing a knife loose tea green and chamomile. So boys  and  girls, what  lesson have  you learned today?

Lesson Learned

1) Know and  be aware of  all steps in obtaining your Visa, Health Check and Residency permit

2) Keep a calender of  due dates  and get on top of your school. you are the  one that suffers for little hiccups not them.

3) Keep a calm rational head

4) Come  to China  with enough money so you can deal with bumps along the road

5) Know that once you enter China you have  to get your health check, residency permit within 30 days. Keep reminding your school!

6) Keep record of  everything

7) There are chickens near my university


Can you spot the chicken?

Shopping area outside the gates of the uni

Shopping area outside the gates of the uni