Helpful Harry

I think that I am the ultimate supreme ditz!!! There has  to be blonde roots under  my scalp.  I told my readers before that there is  a Chinese way and our way. When I came  to the  campus, I was  told that  someone  would take  me to set up a bank account so I would get get paid. Well I waited  and  waited, Yesterday someone from my school called  me and asked  fro my bank account number  so they can pay me. I was like I do not have  a bank account no one has  taken me to get it set up. the woman on the  other  end of  the phone was  confused  that I did not have  an account. She  told  me to get one.  Then she  asked  me if I spoke Chinese. I asked her if  knowing  “Ni  hao” counts.1104806-Clipart-Koala-Holding-A-Help-Sign-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustration

Fast forward to today. I am off today and    relaxing. I get another phone asking about my bank card number. I explained again that no one  has helped  me to set up an account. she  then explained that the Canadian teacher went and did  it on his own. So I informed her that he has been in China  for  six years and I have only been in China  for two weeks. She  said  she  would  send  someone  to help me. The Canadian teacher  told me  later he just showed them his passport and looked  confused and  said  English teacher  and one person did  everything for  him.

She called  back and told  me  Harry would  come help me and from now on  Harry was assigned to me. Harry is  a students and  he  is very helpful. Harry helped me the  last time when I was roaming around my campus utterly lost. He took me to my class that I was late  for. I was roaming around lost  for an hour! Harry speaks English, so that is  a plus.  I guess they are annoyed at me that I was passed on to poor Harry, I hope  he  gets  paid  for this.

Well all this occurred before noon time. I was told that Harry would  contact me  so I waited and waited.  I then called  another foreign teacher with a Chinese wife to see if  she  could perhaps help me  to set up an account.  his  wife was in class. He told  me  he  would go to the office  and push their  buttons. Actually once I move  into the my apartment he  will be  my next door neighbor. I am at the  hotel so I am very far from the FOA office. He said  we  can double team them to get things  done. I called the coordinator  for  foreign teachers. Her phone  was busy well so I texted  her a message. It was now 3:15.

Within minutes Helpful Harry called, he  told  me that he  was  waiting at the bank for  me. We have  a bank on campus but no one  speaks  English at the  bank so I would  need a Chinese person to go and  explain things for me. So I put on my shoes and go. Apparently I am not walking quick enough because Harry calls me twice! I don’t have wings on my feet. I am not a track star I am a fatty! Then  the person in charge of foreign teachers  called  and explain that Harry is waiting. The walk is about 15 minutes. I am trying my best I tell her that I am on my way. I wish that teleportion was discovered!

Harry meets  me halfway and  explain that the bank was  about to close  and that was  why he called  me. We rush to the bank, I am inwardly cursing being a fatty and  not losing weight before coming to China. The gate  was  about to close but she  let us in. Harry  takes my passport and they speak in Chinese. On a sheet of paper all in Chinese he fills in my passport  and Visa number. I write my name. We  go to the window. They make  a photocopy of  my passport page. All is well, but then they ask me  for $25 yuan. I was in such a  rush I did not bring money. Helpful Harry did not have  any money  either. He  had  to ask a friend  of his  that was on line to lend us 25 yuan. right now I am mortified embarrassed, I smile at her and  say thank you but  she  is looking at me like I am the village idiot. If they told me that I had  to pay to open an account, I would have brought money. I have  25 yuan at home.  Exif_JPEG_420
First Chinese Bank Account!!!!!Success though, I have  my first Chinese bank account, However the card says student. I hope they  gave  me the right card. Harry took a picture of it to text to the office  so they can enter it into payroll. I invited Harry to dinner but he declined because it was too early, It was 4:18. It is sooo cold and windy that I did not want to head out again , so I took a bowl with a lid on it so I can take my food home

I relate this to all not as a  complaint, it is  just  for you to understand the Chinese Way. If  you are an extremely organized thinker  and  stringent to routines then China  is  not the place  for  you. The  Chinese  wait until the last possible moment to do  things  and then  rush everything. Chang Min is  like this as well! Myself, I am a  disorganized thinker so it isn’t that bad. I do get frustrated  with things and am glad  that I have other foreign teachers  and  Harry to help.  This  is  all very new to me. I will definitely help the next next foreign teacher to help ease their transition.

Ok off to enjoy my dinner of tofu and celery with rice and hot peppers9everything is spicy in  this province)  and to talk to Chang Min for  awhile I already called him three times today because I love the  sound  of his  voice and we video chatted with qq. Now  we  are just regular chatting. If he  was here with me in Nanchang the banking would have  been  so much easier. Oh a spoiler for all you Chang Min romance lovers, he is coming to visit in April!!!!! So happy.