Traveling with a Dog in China

I made the big move from Hangzhou to Wuxi!! Your Chocolate Chick in China now has a new city to wreck havoc on( ok not really but it sounded so cool) Anyhow getting to Wuxi with my new dog Marshmallow was no bed of roses. Remember there is no easy button in China, everything is always roundabout and everything always ends up needing multiple stamps.

In China dogs are not allowed to travel on trains. this is quite unfortunate because I lived right near a railway station and riding a bullet train is my preferred mesns of travel. Easy button alert have a section that is you can place your animals or animal friendly compartments. Heck, i would have even taken a slow train!

Means of Traveling with your Dog

1. Da Plane!!!

You are definately can take your pet on a plane. like in the USA you have to fill out paperwork. you need your pets medical records , health certificate and a pet passport. Then you got to your carrier and fill out paperwork. that gets tons of stamps. sounds simple enough. I faced this problem when I had Baobao, I didnt live far enough from my new city so there were no flights offered. When i lived in Nanchang I could have taken a flight to Shanghai then to Hangzhou. ok i was willing to do this but i was told i had to refill out all the information and wait a day for it to be processed and i would have to book a hotel room in Shanghai that accepted dogs. this was because we were connecting to a flight in a different city. See no easy button.

With Marshmallow this was not even an option. We lived too close to Wuxi( 2 hours on fast train, 30 minutes on a plane) there was no plane to Wuxi from Hangzhou and Wuxi is very close to Shanghai (45 minutes on a fast train) do the plane was out)
  2) Pet Transporters
Many Pet Shops and Vets offer this option. You just have to ask. They basically use their private cars to transport you and your dog to your new city. The fees are high. I was quoted 2000¥($322) to travel from Hangzhou to Wuxi. It would have been less of a headache. i just was too cheap to pay it.

3)Friends With Cars
I hate this because you are at the whims of another person’s mood swings. When I first landed the job an aquaintance offered to drive me to Wuxi. I was like are you sure and he swore. Well let’s say when I checked closer to the date he ignored my messages. The I begged a second friend and one week before we were set to go he backed out using a lame excuse about job training.
4) Private Car
Taxi’s or a private driver can take you to a new city with your pet. I never got an estimate from this. it probably is a bit cheaper than then a pet transporter.
5. Bus
This was the option I chose and let me say never again!! It was so confusing!!! I had two extremely different bus experiences. The Nanchang to Hangzhou experience was much easier because I had a Chinese boyfriend. He talked to the people at the bus station and after some discussion( I am sure money was exchanged)Baobao sat on the bus with us in his carrier.

Hangzhou was the hard button on steroids. I had so many Chinese tell me it can’t be done. I was in tears. I know it was possible, I just needed someone’s help. I have heard other stories about these dogs traveling by bus. Oh and I got a suggestion to sneak my dog on in a duffel bag. Ma’am why is you duffle bag moving. it’s an earthquake?

Well i called my vet, he put me i touch with a pet transporter who offered a variety of services. Basically, yes you can take your dog on a bus in China, you just need a health certificate. With a health certificate your dog can ride under the bus with the luggage. yes I said under the bus!!! So inhuman, not ine if my friends would come with me to fight for my cause and the pet transporter guy only asked but not with enough determination. I watched in silent horror as my puppy was treated as freight. On the bus i was near tears scared my baby would die under the bus.
When we stopped at a rest stop, i called my vet in tears. he said he would talk to the driver. I could’t find him. finslly i located him but then my vet didn’t pick up the phone. I begged the driver in my broken Chinglish. he consented to water. Then I gestured to the bus and the dog and shook his head. I started to cry. My cute little furball looked up at him with his black puppy dog eyes and the driver consented!!!

Moral of the story, if you are traveling with your pet in China use a pet transporter. It is the quickest and easiest way. Mommy and Puppy are safe in Wuxi now.


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. autumnashbough
    Aug 05, 2015 @ 21:58:13

    Whew! glad you made it!


  2. Dulce Vita
    Aug 09, 2015 @ 18:54:38

    Glad you both made it….


  3. R Zhao
    Aug 13, 2015 @ 10:21:21

    I’m working on getting my dog to the US. We had to take the dog to Beijing (about 180 miles away) to see the vet. She was allowed on the bus for no extra fee. My friends had the same experience with their dog (on the same route). I would be really scared to have her stowed under the bus! It’s way too hot now anyways. Here, a private car (per person) isn’t too expensive. It’s less than double the price of taking the bus to Beijing (85 RMB for bus vs 150 RMB for a seat in a private car).

    This is really useful information. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I link it on my blog post about traveling with a pet!


  4. Lovely D
    Aug 17, 2015 @ 20:11:58

    Thank you for your story. I love reading your Blog.


  5. 周恩来
    Sep 12, 2015 @ 15:03:13

    Whatever happened to Oreo?


    • aquariusamber
      Dec 29, 2015 @ 22:41:55

      Oreo found a new home with a loving Chinese woman. She is now a better behaved dog because she is with the right owner. I now know I am best with Bichons or Cocker Spaniels or Shelties.


  6. SueT唐 梦 琇
    Jan 13, 2016 @ 04:47:54

    Gorgeous little dog and it was very nice you were allowed to bring him on the bus in the end. My two little furry babies would have been very unhappy with the rest of the luggage.


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