OK!! I am ready  to burst,  I have been sitting on this news for a few months. I thought it would be too premature to leak out to cyber world.  I can”t contain myself any longer.  There are some big changes on the horizons for this chocolate chick in China.  I am equally excited and scared. I accept a new position at an international school in China.  For two years I have debated whether or not to go back into classroom teaching. My last teaching position in the US wasn’t the best and knocked the wind out of my sails. It made me doubt if I was a good teacher. My  self esteem was ruined.  I gave my heart and soul to teaching and it ended up breaking my heart.  Why? Due to pettiness of the human nature. I don’t want to go into much information about what fueled me to leave teaching, it was and is personal. I will say that I was working in an unhealthy environment.

This actually is what propelled me into teaching abroad. I needed  to push a restart button in regards to my life. I knew I wanted to teach. It is what I was born to do. I didn’t want one bad  and rotten experience to spoil the whole bunch. My China teaching experience has been more favorable than that last teaching experience in the USA. I preferred teaching the university setting. It is what gave me back my love of   teaching. Still, I was petrified to go back to classroom teaching.  Fear that I wasn’t good enough. When I did try to apply, I was fearful to break a contract. So for the past two years, I let opportunities pass me by.  I watched as new friends came to China and got higher paying jobs and told me that it was not as high pressure as teaching back home.

I decided it was time for a change. I already have been revamping my health and working on my inner self. It was now time to focus on my professional growth. So I did it, I applied to Teaching Nomad(a foreigner owned recruiting company) I was placed and  found a good and high paying job immediately. The main problem is that I would have  to relocate.  I have already have built a good life in Hangzhou. I have great friends. I found a great gym with handsome trainers. My dog has a best friend here. It will be so hard to leave that behind.

So it is a bit bittersweet. I already asked the realtor to find an apartment close to a gym. Fitness is not something that I will give up due to moving.  It will be hard to find new friends because I can be shy around new people. My Oreo will really miss Odie but his mommy and daddy are getting a car so they can drive and visit us. I am also glad though to move on to a new adventure. So as one door closes another door is waiting to open and I will walk through that door with confidence and my head held high. It may not be a brighter future but one has  to take risks in life.


Romance Roadblock

roadblock-obstaclesSadly, readers, this Chocolate Chick has hit a severe roadblock in her dating life. Actually it is like  my car fell off the cliff and is a fiery wreckage below. I know so sad, I am just having a problem getting a date. Maybe it is the language barrier or my lack of confidence. It sometimes can be extremely lonely.  I have good friends, but most of  my friends are in relationships.  I am the odd duck out. It was  like that in that in America that now  it is like that now in China.

awkwardThe number of engagements and marriages in my office is increasing. People use to be optimistic when predicting love for me. Nowadays that has changed, I have been single for so long that it is a norm for me and my social group. People just avoid my gaze and the subject. I think they are doing that because they don’t want to see me hurt. So, while I am happy for my friends, I think what is wrong with me? Why is dating so difficult for me? I have  trouble talking to men. Making eye contact. I am socially awkward around men. I freeze up them and get extremely self conscious around them.awkwardlove

I even had to stop  taking swing dancing classes because i would freak out when I had to partner dance. I could not even make eye contact and was constantly blushing and. tripping over my feet.  So how can this awkward duck find love??? I am also fearful that I will fall victim to another predator like Jason or Leon.  So I am in a Catch 22, I want to find love but i am also fearful of getting hurt.

I did open up the OKCupid  account but things didn’t work out with the few guys that i was talking with. I just didn’t feel that they were trustworthy and I was getting red flags from them. I don’t want to  duped thrice so now i only view men as eye candy, good  to view from afar. Maybe patience is what is needed but everything seems to be falling  in place. I need to find someone that I can be socially awkward with, who laughs at my eccentricities and  finds them adorable. what I want is a best friend and  a lover combined. If not I will get another dog. In my heart I want what the couple has  in the video below. I fear to open myself up again.

Losing Weight in China:Spin Addiction Edition

My precious!!!!

My precious!!!!

This  is  the second installment  of  my weight loss in China series.  Getting healthy is a huge lifestyle change. I had to drastically revamp my old unhealthy habits and swap them out for healthier habits.  So basically I changed one addiction for another in a way.  However I would rather have  an exercise addiction to a food addiction any day of the week! I am more addicted to how amazing exercise makes me feel.  I feel like I am on top of the world! It is  like a natural high. I am definitely a happier person now than I was when I first came  to China two years.

Many people mistake my zest  for exercise as an obsession. “Obsession is the lazy person’s word for dedication.”(I stole that from someone) I post this because, I am excited about the changes that I am making to my body and mind. Of course I get people who chugged a barrel of Hatorade that make negative comments about my weight loss. I am going to state here publicly, that I am in no way anti fat. This is my personal weight loss and health journey and not a pulpit for people to spread their fat acceptance spiel. This is a new trend that is occurring in America and it is spreading some  division in the overweight community. One thing,  that I don’t like is the generalized belief in the fat acceptance community is that overweight people who choose to lose weight have low self esteem and don’t love and accept themselves. Yup, I hear this one a lot. Truth, I was not happy when I was fat because I was plagued with health problems and I was tired,depressed and had no zest for life.  My mom died directly related to her obesity and she was only 56. So my weight loss is a tribute to her and wanting to live a higher quality life.

Weight loss since beginning the gym

Weight loss since beginning the gym

My newest love is spin class. When I first  came  to the gym I couldn’t even last 10 minutes in a spin class. I worked  with my trainer Lucas and was able to complete a spin class. Still though I only took it occasionally. I was more of an elliptical trainer, belly dancing and Zumba girl. Well things changed, I am a spin convert! Spin is easier on my ankle, more fun and I burn more calories. I have noticed that since taking spin my weight loss got kicked up a notch. My legs, booty and stomach are firm and there is less fat. I take spin class about 5 days a week. I like the people in my spin class,  we are like a small community of hardcore enthusiast. They even saved a bike for me when I was running late.

IMG_3894I also took my walking up a notch and recently bought a Xiaomi fitness wristband. It calculates  your steps ,calories and sleep pattern. You can sync it with an app on the phone. The company also has a scale that I am going  to get!!! I have started to take Oreo out for longer walks now and it benefits me and her at the same time. Plus I have many friends who use the same product  so we can compete with each other  to see who has the most steps in a day. This motivates me  to be the best me that I can be.

As of a few days ago I have lost 67 pounds since coming to China!!! I am within spitting distance from my goal. I have about 33 more pounds to go. However this  is  the hardest part of the battle. This is when I have  to dig deep and remember why I am doing this. Jiayou Amber!. My goal is  to climb  that mountain.

My Brickhouse figure is coming back

My Brickhouse figure is coming back