Losing Weight in China


Finally, I have time to write a post about my weightloss in China. It has been a long and ungoing process. I have had my ups , downs and stalls. Basically like life but I am always determined to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. In the US, I gained weight due to stress and a less than hospitable working environment. In fact, I put on 60 pounds.  I was very sad and disliked myself immensely. The extra weight cause me a great deal of physical pain. My ankles were always swollen. My back was going out on me. I didn’t walk I wobbled. I was about 240 pounds and at 5’5 that is very heavy. My mom died at 56 due to obesity related issues.


So I decided, that I needed to start my life anew. This and other factors made me decide that I wanted to teach abroad. So I went to China as a fat girl. Honestly life in China as a fat person is not easy. Especially in Nanchang. I was made fun of  constantly and laughed at.  Since things are equipped for super tiny people it makes things extremely awkward. Like on the bus I basically took up two seats. It was embarrassing. I also had trouble stepping up on the bus. It took great effort.  The most embarrassing thing was when I got into a crowded elevator while I was teaching at the university. In China the elevator only holds a certain weight limit, this one was 1200 kg. if it is too much the elevator doesn’t move. Well I was the last one on and  I had a class on the 10th floor. So students had to get off. Not one, not two but three students.  so I weighed more than 3 Chinese students. They were laughing at the fat  Laoshi. I had to bite back the tears.

The original way I began losing weight was not healthy but it worked for me. I ate breakfast Baozi, steamed egg and douja  every morning. Then lunch with a little rice with meat bad veggies. I didn’t eat dinner or if I did. I had fruit.  I sometimes had a salad.  I walked every morning, I lost weight. My body adjusted to the msg level in the food. 

I then wanted to lose weight quicker so I opted for a liquid protein diet. I had a doctor prescribe that diet to me years ago when I gained even more weight due to my mom’s death. It worked so well.  Honestly , I was in a hurry. I just wanted to be accepted quicker. I was sick of being fat. I had one meal a day. It was lunch and shakes for breakfast and dinner. I also took L Carnitine and walked my little Baobao over campus.  That dog loved to walk for hours.  I went from  245 pounds to 218 pounds. Mind you still fat but more mobile.

This was around the time I met Jason the Jerk and he stressed me out so much I returned to my comfort eating. Basically he was so cruel saying I was fat and ugly like a man. If I didn’t lose weight he would leave me. I snuck in candy when he wasn’t around. I went back up to 230 pounds.

Then a miraculous thing happened I dumped the arsehole. I went on the happiness diet. I was dieting but so happy I actually ended up losing weight. I went back to 220 pounds. I stayed that weight for a few months. I partied I was a free woman.


I started Dukan diet, which basically is a low carb diet. I lost 12 pounds in 10 days. Then I got back to under 200 pounds. I started working out and my trainer Lucas put me on a more balanced diet. However my weightloss slowed down. So I stopped eating dinner and just had fruit and the weight came off but I had to do a lot of cardio and my knees hurt a bit but I I got down to 185 pounds!!! In China of course that is still fat but only kinda fat not really fat as before. Do I still had students call me fat teacher.  


Then I met Jonathan and I started dating and socializing and stopped going to the gym. I didn’t gain weight during the dating phase. I still ate relatively healthy and still walked Oreo.  I drank which for me is a no no while dieting. I maintained then  I got utterly and tragically dumped. It was so humiliating and we have friends in common. When your male friends apologize to you for the shitty behavior of another male you know it was bad. Anyway I continued to socialize but drank more than normal and turned to my comfort food. I was crying on the inside and wore a mask on the outside.



I was like a zombie and I finally woke up. I needed a change. So I decided to start the Dukan Diet again. In all my dieting experiences low carb  diets worked the best for my body in regards to weightloss. I tweaked the diet a bit. I have coffee everyday and I have moderate fat. I find a diet that is too low in fat slows down my weightloss. Once in awhile I have fruit but only on my Protein and Vegetable day. I am also incorporating the gym and low carb dieting. I am only going to the gym 4-5 days a week. This diet you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym. I just have to be more careful because low carb and working out  doesn’t go hand in hand sometimes. I also decided to take swing dancing lessons. I think during the heartbreak stage I gained 15 pounds. I just completed the Attack phase of Dukan. I am at 186.7, so now I am determined to get down to my goal weight of 140. My trainer was trying to get me to go to 125-130 but I told him I am not Chinese, I know what looks nice on me. So I will continue to updated everyone on my weightloss.



One thing I need to work on is changing how I deal with stress. If I don’t learn to have a positive relationship with food, I will never end this weight gain and weightloss lifestyle. This is more self reflected and I am going to start a seperate blog about my food addiction and the reasons why I eat. It really is a form of self abuse on my end.  I need to alter the way that I handle stress. It is a common theme in my weight gain and it isn’t healthy to be a yo yo dieter. 

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Low Carb Jabberwockey
    Apr 03, 2015 @ 12:48:49

    You look fabulous! What an inspiring story. My mother in law lived in China for 2 years, is 5’11”, towered above everyone, AND she was probably about 400 pounds at the time. She would joke that she was a spectacle whenever she went out shopping, but in my heart I knew that it must be painful for her. Like yourself I have found that low carb works best for me as well, and am no longer as extreme as I used to be. Good luck on your journey, and I love that you told your trainer NO to going down to 125. I am 5’2″ and look great at 130. (I have 25 to lose right now so am back low carbing after a knee injury).


    • aquariusamber
      Apr 03, 2015 @ 13:20:34

      You should have seen the look on his face it was priceless. I had to show him a height weight chart from the states. She probably was in pain, did she know enough Chinese to know that they were making fun of her?


  2. Kimchi Cakes
    Apr 05, 2015 @ 22:09:18

    Congrats on the weight loss~ ^_^


  3. CJ
    Apr 15, 2015 @ 03:57:39

    You inspire me. I am married to a chinese man and I live in the north east. I am african and we met 7 years ago back there, even though being married to a Chinese wasn’t what I had in mind, he was the most loving and caring person I have ever met. We got engaged couple of months after we met but two years later work had to separate us for 3 years. We got married and he is still amazing two years after. He loved me just as I was..which wasn’t good so I just think that you should do things that make you feel happy. I hate being the centre of attention in places we go to, so if I don’t have to go anywhere then I don’t. I find you more confident in yourself even though you encounter some challenges. I am not like that, and that’s why I like reading from you.


    • aquariusamber
      Apr 15, 2015 @ 05:48:45

      Awww your love story is so sweet. You also inspire me to not give up on love and keep on trying. I am so happy that you found your soulmate. It inspires me as well. I am so glad that you found my blog. Thank you so much for reading my ramblings. I am glad that you found them insightful.


  4. BAP Blog
    Apr 18, 2015 @ 11:14:02

    Wow, first of all, congratulations. That is an incredible thing you did there. You were able to lose that weight with the added stress of living in a foreign and sometimes hostile place. You look amazing, and you deserve it.

    My heart went out because I had a similar experience as a short fat kid, and the only Chinese person in the class. Most kids had never seen Asian folks except in restaurants. So I befriended the janitor, and instead of recess, I would hang out and help him clean up. he hooked it up with some extra lunch, and I got chubbier. That didn’t help my social status. This is what happens when you eat double lunches. Not recommended. No I joke, but I know how it is. So really, congrats on getting through that stuff. I hope you keep up with the healthiness. The change is impressive!


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