Memorable Momo Dates

In my last post, I briefly mentioned the social app Momo. Well Here is a brief post discussing my most memorable dates or near dates

1) The Drive By- This guy bought his car and looked nothing like the picture. The photo was of a more bad boy with tattoos and this one was clean cut. I refused to get in his car. End of date. Mama didn’t raise a fool.

2) Medicine Boy- We never dated. We just chatted on Momo. This was more of a friend thing. He actually lives in my building. Remember that creepy component I mentioned the gps locator. So I told him I was sick. He asked my symptoms and got me medicine from the pharmacy. We still chat occasionally.

3) Engineer- We went on a date and had a nice dinner. His English level was pretty good. I would have liked to have known him better but we lost contact. This was the guy right after Jason and their jobs were very similar.

4) Cellphone Savior- I liked this guy and we had great kissing connection but I think he was a player. He did save my cellphone when I dropped it in my cappuccino. I love taking pictures of my good. I was so nervous on the date that I dropped my cell in the coffee.

5) I Don’t Speak- He was such a nice guy and very cute. He could not speak a lick of English. We used translator love. Really though men and woman don’t speak the same language. I had a lot of fun on this date.

6) I Speak Very Limited English- this guy was in the clothing industry and he was very very attracted to me. All he could say was,”I want you” Well he didn’t get me. Oh and after the date he sent me a picture of himself in a thong. Oh. No thanks.

7) Coffee Cop- he bought me coffee and fruit but I think he wanted more than coffee. He was really cute and well built but arrogant as hell. I hate arrogant men

8) Stalker- I never met him. He messaged me a couple of times. He is one of the reasons why their built in GPS locator freaks me out. I got a random message like I saw you limping when you got off the bus is something wrong with your foot. Or you little white dog is very lovely. He told me he was too shy to show his face. Sweet in a creepy stalker sort of way.

9) Hotel Guy- he lives in an apartment building right outside my community. It is the same building where the hotel is. This guy is always begging me for sex. He is 32 and divorced. Well at least he is honest. I always say no. He contacts me every few weeks to see if I changed my mind. The answer is always no.

10) Momo- some random guy saw me walking on the street said Momo and winked.

11) Creep- This date was because I got stood up and was hungry. I wanted a free dinner. This guy was big for a Chinese guy and not too attractive. He was an arsehole. He asked me if I was fertile. He told me his ex wife was sterile and no good she didn’t like sex with him so she divorced him. Then he told me I couldn’t get dessert because I was too fat. I hated that bastard. Then when we were leaving he was like where are you going. I am like home. I am going to my home and you are going to yours. I think he was on the autism spectrum he had zero social skills.

I went to the same local restaurant with every single guy. It was a place that I felt comfortable and was near my home. I put a hold to dating after that creep. Then I dated a few men I met in real life settings.

I think Momo is worth a try, it will give you memorable dating stories.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anthony Lane
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 13:18:41

    Come home sister!. There are too many black brothers that need an aware cultural ebony queen like yourself at home. Just come home and honor one of your people with the kind of woman a real black man should have in his life. The many good brothers are waiting..


  2. autumnashbough
    May 15, 2015 @ 18:05:49

    I kind of like the guy who just wanted sex. He’s totally honest. Also persistent. 🙂 And it sounds like charades, the date with the guy who spoke no English. Yeah, GPS on a dating ap? That would creep me out.


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