China for Dummies

This is a guest post brought to you from my friends at You are thinking Amber don’t you mostly write about AMBW topics. Yes , but this info graph is so funny and condensed, I could not help sharing it. Also the guys at mynewchinesewife are as sweet as pie. I hope you find this information informative.

Top 10 Ways to Become a Local Laowai(Foreigner) in China.


China is such an amazing and wonderful place to visit, isn’t’ it? Here is the incredible diversity of food, culture and people.

Well, I won’t feel surprised you face quite a few challenges when you first come to China, especially the culture shock.  As a Chinese, today I highlighted the top ten questions that I was asked by my foreigner friends, and put those into an infographic to share with you.


To be honest, if you have been in China for more than six months, I think you probably have experienced and known most the parts on this infographic. But we love to hear your opinion and thoughts about itJ


Additionally, if you or your friends would like to understand more about <a href=““> girls in China </a>, feel free to head over to our <a href=“

“> Asian wife blog</a> to read our recent posts.


Again thank you Amber for letting us to share the infographic in her blog and I hope the information will be helpful for you. Wish you happy adventure in China!



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