Anhui Adventures: Teaching Sports

The rules of Football according  to Amber

The rules of Football according to Amber

Anyone that knows  me  will already be chuckling at the  title. If  you  don’t  know  me, I will just say this, I am a disaster are when it  comes  to playing sports. I am a klutz and  i am uncoordinated. I was the  kid  who would  sneak to the  back of the line  so I would  not have to play wiffleball. I was the kid  who  purposefully forgot  to wear sneakers on gym day. In fact I wore a pretty dress on gym day.

I surrounded myself  with girl girlies, well except Regina and it is  good to have a polar opposite  as  a friend. So Amber  and  sports are not a  mix. I barely watch sports. I know  my  sports teams  and  know that sexy Derek Jeter plays  for the Yankees and that The Giants  are a New York Team. Oh and the Red Soxs sucks. that is  about it.Since  I have  15 boys  in my  class at summer camp, i decided that I wanted to introduce them to American sports. The Chinese  already have  a love  and obsession with basketball, so they already knew about the NBA.

We love the NBA and Kobe Bryant!

We love the NBA and Kobe Bryant!

I decided to  explain to them about American  Football. I know  nothing  about football. So I drew a diagram. I only know that the two teams try to get the  ball to their  goal post and  they get tackled  and there  are  full backs  and  quarterbacks and there is something called the line  of  scrimmage. I was explaining the rules, I then showed them a  video excerpt of  The Ny Giants  playing a game. A few students were  interested. Maybe American football has  a chance  in China.

Then I introduced  Baseball to them. I showed them a  a video clip of  the Yankees playing a game. I explained that baseball was big in  Japan. I of course  did  not have a bat  but I had a  soft ball and  an umbrella. I threw  pitches  and  let  them  hit the  ball. We went outside and  played  a baseball game.

The could  not  quite  understand the concept of  four bases, so we  only had  one  base. The kids  were having a ball! They were  so excited. they  all wrote  about our wonderful baseball game in their  diaries.  they  thanked  me  for teaching them about  baseball. they were  just  so adorable. 

I also taught them dodgeball. I can’t even explain the  rules of  dodgeball, I told them just  don’t hit  above  chest  level. I also  showed them a  video of  a dodgeball game. They  had  a good time but they requested that we  play baseball again. they said they liked  baseball more than dodgeball.

Later that day when I went back to the  dorm a few of my students decided  to teach me  ping pong. I was abysmal at it and  the kids got  quite a chuckle out of  it. 


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