Anhui Adventures: Never Can Say Goodbye

My students

My students wrote this  for me

I am so sad  today. The last  day of  instruction was yesterday. I am feeling a great  sense of loss. I have  made a connection with these students in such a  short time. I am sadden that it is  all about to end. time flew  by  so  quick.

I will always  cherish my time  in Anhui and  hope that  i may be  able  to return to this  friendly province. To me  it  feels like  home. The  students have  all connected  with me.  I feel like I am part of a cohesive family. I do not want to lose this feeling. I feel  blessed that I was allowed the  opportunity  to work  with such an amazing staff and the  best bunch of  students that I have ever encountered.

My  memory book

My memory book

Will is  comforting Anna

Will is comforting Anna

I made the  last day pretty mellow and  relaxed. I was sad and  wanted  to have a relaxing moment with my students. We played  dodgeball, watched  movies  and made memory books. the students had to write  down their fondest memory of  summer camp.

This  was  very emotional  for the  children because  just as  i have  fallen in love  with then, they have  fallen in love  with me. It was cray me a river there was not a dry eye  in the classroom. Even Matt was teary eyed. John lasted the longest and  Jonathan  decided  he  could not  deal with us  and  went off to  his dad.

As I held unto my students trying to  console them, I really knew that I would  love the  opportunity to be  able to teach in Jixi, not sure if  it is a possibility but it is  something that I will pray on. If God wants me  here then there  will be  a way. All I know is that it does not  feel right that I am leaving Jixi.

The students were

The students were weeping

I soon broke  down in tears  and  my students  began to  comfort me. It was  quite  an emotional scene.  No one  wanted  it  to end. The camp faced  many hardships but we persevered. Together  we  are stronger. I really  do want to keep in touch with everyone. My heart is aching right now  as  I write this. I know that I have  a new adventure waiting in Xiamen but Xuancheng is  where my heart is.

Zoe is in tears

Zoe is in tears

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. krissylovesmarimos
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 18:10:22

    Oh my Amber this is making me tear up! Is there a way to keep in touch with these beautiful kids? How old are they? They look like they have truly connected with you which is a wonderful thing =)


  2. Esther
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 03:30:09

    Hey honey, I am so sad reading this. It’s still 3 weeks before I move on and my older students are breaking my heart so I can imagine the little ones obliterating yours! My husband’s family originally came from Xuancheng, but are now living in Lu’an, Anhui. I think you should look into being there for the year. I strongly believe where your heart is, is where you will do your best work! I am soooooo very proud of you my friend. You are finally happy.—E


    • aquariusamber
      Jul 31, 2013 @ 01:45:07

      It is hard to move one. I know it will be hard for you too Esther, but this is an amazing opportunity. I am going to come visit you once you get settled in and when I have a break. All I know is that Anhui is the only place that I got some type of male attention. It is very peaceful.


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