Dragon Boat Festival Party!

The performers in the play

The performers in the play

Happy  Dragon  Boat day everyone! I am  so  sorry that it took  so long for  me  to post. If you want  to place  blame on anyone, blame  my neighbor and my best friend Jason. He  distracted me  and  I  never had time to write  my blog. Shame! Shame!  on  Jason. He never reads my blog anyway! In fact I am in  his  house  writing this blog. Jason’s house is the party house.

Today we  had a Dragon Boat Festival Party at my school. Just a brief synopsis. Dragon Boat Festival is  a celebration of loyalty and  honor. It is  a tribute  to Qu Yuan, a statesman, patriot and  a poet who was exiled from the Chu dynasty. When the Qing  dynasty overthrew the  emperor, Qu Yuan killed  himself in sorrow and  to show  his  honor  and loyalty  to the  old regime.

Zongzi is a type  of  dumplings eaten during the  festival, it is glutinous rice wrapped  in bamboo leaves. There are different types  and flavor. Some  have nuts. I have  to  stay  away  from those. The Zongzi was thrown into the  river  to keep the  fish  from eating Qu Yuan’s body.

Eric, the Emcee, me  and Bambi the Soldier. Bambi was  so helpful during this event.

Eric, the Emcee, me and Bambi the Soldier. Bambi was so helpful during this event.

Initially , the  Foreign Affairs Office  wanted to  host a small party  to introduce the  foreign teachers to the holiday. Somehow this idea morphed  into a big extravaganza organized by Jason and I. We were no longer the  guest of  honor but the facilitators and participants. We had  to  come  up  with the  ideas and enlist students from our classes. This  an extremely  Chinese concept, so we  were reluctant plus they  said that we are really creative. A dose of  ego feeding is the  best form of  coercion.

We came up  with some  great ideas.  We had  a skit,a zongzi wrapping demo, a Zongzi passing contest (like hot potato), singers, dancers and  a zongzi eating  contest. We invited some  students. Oh  and the  school invited the  press! They  wanted  to publicize  this.

This event  could  either sink , swim or  fly. I was  nervous. If it  stunk then  blame it on us! Hehehe. I have to  say though I did  not  want  to do this  willingly, I am so glad  that I did. I really learned  so much  about The Dragon Boat Festival. I had  to research it  because I wrote  the short  skit for the festival! The students  worked  very hard to make this event a success and  I love  them all so much. They practiced despite the fact that they are preparing and  taking finals.

It was  really a great way  for the students on campus  who live far away from home to celebrate  the holiday. I also really feel  so much  closer  to my students  and  Jason’s  students since  we spent  so much  time preparing  for the  Dragon Boat Festival. We practiced, we laughed and  bonded.

Oh and  I I was featured  ion the news I’m a  star!!!!! So awesome!!!! Maybe my soul mate  was watching the 6:30 news and will see  me fall in love  with me and come  and find me! Oh if  only life was like a movie!!! My life story would be Nocturnal in Nanchang.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. netty
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 17:33:22

    I’m glad u enjoyed it and participated. I clearly don’t kno u on a personal level, but in reading ur posts I really feel like ur enjoying urself sooooo much in China. Seems like a very positive change for u and that for some reason, brings joy to my life. Please keep posting and have a great tome!!!


  2. Monica
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 18:55:06

    This was great, thanks for posting the videos. Now I know about/ what the Dragon Boat Festival is….yay!


  3. luvmuffins43
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 18:57:17

    I’ve been waiting for a from you. Glad the wait it because you’re having such a great time!! and becoming famous! Can’t wait to hear more about your time in China


  4. Zhou Chang
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 10:27:08

    I am loving your blog. The videos are so cool : )


  5. Shani Brown
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 01:42:19

    OK I really have SOOOOO much to ask you and say! but I won’t b too lengthy. 1. I love your blog and it is a GOD SEND! Please KEEP posting. 2. I am looking at potentially going to China to teach, in Beijing. I am in the contract phase with the University and ANY advice would be helpful. They mentioned working on my visa but have not mentioned anything about residency (just that I’d be living in the dorms) nor have they talked about a z visa? Also how are the students? are they very receptive to your teaching? Does the ability to speak Chinese help? Im sorry to bother you with questions I’m just so excited to see another black woman who will be in China!!!!


    • aquariusamber
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 06:16:44

      Shani, this means a lot to me! I decided to come to China based on my friend Jo’s blog. I am glad that I am paying it forward.
      In my opinion a uni is the best place to teach in China. It is not as high paying as a language school but it offers you more security. The govern gives the unis money for foreign teachers. So it is a given that you will get a z visa, residency permit. Will you have an apartment on campus or live in a dorm room ask them to see pictures of where you will live. You should take Chinese lessons before coming here. I did not and now I am confused. the students like when they hear you speak some Chinese. My students were receptive at first, they liked me but still some cut classes. There are students that hate English. Those are harder to reach with persistence they will hate English less. do know you will be like a mini celebrity. There are a slew of us here in China. Are you on Facebook?


      • Shani Brown
        Jun 19, 2013 @ 02:08:42

        Yes Yes ! I am on FB. I am very excited to go to China, but slightly nervous. I do actually speak a little Chinese but its probably not enough.

  6. Brigitte
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 15:06:01

    Love that you were on the news with your own cheering squad!


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