Night Out in Nanchang

I was really excited  about my first night out in Nanchang! I have  been  cooped up in this  college  far too long. I have  said before I am in the  boonies. The biggest excitement here is  counting the  amount of time the rooster crows each day. It is  peaceful and  picturesque. It can get  very lonely here  at times. If it was not  for  my neighbor Jason, I would  have  gone mad  already!

I really  don’t  mind it, but I get lonely and it is very hard to meet  people on my  isolated  campus. By  people I mean single Chinese men. age over 24 but under 40 handsome  and open minded. Funny and  smart and loves a rubinesque black woman named Amber. I just love  Asian men, yes I admit it! I have been struck down with Yellow Fever and i don’t want a cure, I just want a husband, so maybe if I go out more I can find  a man.

We had  a  BBQ on the  roof to welcome  Jason’s friend, a former  teach at my school we  will call him Dick to protect  his  identity. He was an intense Texan  guy, I liked  him. He was definitely a square peg! Best of  all he  rented a KTV room! Finally my chance  at KTV. i love  singing. I have  wanted to  go to KTV since I was living in the states. We have  a KTV place  near my campus, it’s  neon lights are mocking me! Well ok KTV was a no go!!!! Well first there  was no alcohol and the  Irish  drunk man was  not having it. In a sense  he  was  right if Richard rented  the  room then according  to Chinese custon he  should have  provided  alcohol for  everyone. He did  not and  since  we  were the  foreigners  we  would be  the  next one  to be looked  upon to  provide the adult beverages.

So I did  go into a KTV room but I did  not  sing. I am so sadden by this! One  day I will get my moment  to sing!!!! We went to the Drunken Irish Men new flat. I liked it it was a  duplex. He had to shower, the guy  showers 3 times  a day!. I only shower once, I am a stinky bitch!.  The  drunken guy’s girlfriend was there, she is  so beautiful. Just  so graceful and  feminine. I feel like a fucking water buffalo. The Zambian girl was there  too and  she is like a sexpot. The girl just oozes  of  sexuality. That song Brickhouse was written about woman like her. Yeah, I guess i was a bit jely. So I was like a frumpy grandma in my sneakers and  frumpy baby doll dress.

I went to my  first Chinese  bar and  what  a let down!!!! It was  like I was the invisible woman. Just like in the  bars  back  home. I always  read Jo Gan’s blog about her funny times in China  and her hopping social life. Check  out her  adventures  at Her last  club experience was  so fun! My  bar experience was basically talking to the  Pakistani bartender  and Jason’s students. The bartender  did  not  know  how  to make  any drinks.

There were highlights of the  evening like now  the Drunken Irish Man will now  be known as the  Dancing Drunken Irishman. I can’t  keep up with him! He is  too much for  me. Oh and the crash  and  burn of Jason trying to pick up these Chinese girls  in the bar. They  refused his drinks! The best  part is that I got  2 free shots out of the evening, one  was  from the bartender and the  other  was the rejected drinks!

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  1. hchen2007
    May 01, 2013 @ 10:33:28

    Sounds fun


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