Fushen Fun

Fushen Campus

Fushen Campus

I have not written about my experiences working at the  second  campus of  my college. The second or actually the original campus  is  in downtown Nanchang. If you like city life this  is the campus  for you.  If I lived  at this  campus, I would  really have  more  of  a  taste of Chinese Life. The location is  great, there are open markets  and  a park not too far from the campus. However the Wanli campus  has the pretty factor. The Fushen campus is  just not that pretty and  it is  very close together.  The one  great thing is that I won’t every  get lost at Fushen campus like at I did  at Wanli.

I teach  mainly at Fushen Campus. I only teach two classes  at Wanli. All the foreign teachers live  at Wanli and  are bused to the Fushen campus which is  about 30 minutes away  depending on the traffic. In the  morning it takes close to 45 minutes to get to work. That is  a much better commute than I had  to my former  school in the USA. The driver  smokes  like a chimney and  spits like  a fountain but he  is  very  kind.  The  bus reeks of  cigarettes  but this  is  common in China. I open the  window  and the  problem is  solved.

Sometimes the other  English  teachers  are on the  bus  or some Chinese teachers. Today there were only  two people on the  bus including myself.  This  week  is  an even week. I only have  two classes on even weeks. I have  an early morning class at 8am, so I have  to catch the 7:20 shuttle bus. I overslept so I was  not looking cute  today.


I stop where I want to stop!


On Fushen campus the elevators are selective. Meaning they only  stop at  certain floors. I  found  out this  tidbit last week. I teach on the  5th floor  and the 10th floor.  Last  week I pressed the  10th floor and the  button  did not light up. I kept pressing the  button. there was  a student in the elevator who was trying to go to the the 7th floor. Well the elevator passed our floor  and  we up to the  11th floor. So we  tried  again. finally someone told  us it does not stop at our floor. I have  to go to  the  9th floor at walk up to the 11th floor  and walk down. Oh and the  elevator  also  does not  stop on the 5th floor, It  stops on the 4th floor so I have  to go the  fourth floor and  walk up.  This  is  another example of The Chinese Way. that’s ok the  Chinese Way is going to help me  lose weight!

My class was very  cool, they were  surprised seeing me. Black people are a novelty in China. I hope  more people venture out to teach in China. I had  a  very young girl who was  only 16! she  is  very smart. This  class ranged from 16-20. I had  some  boys that sat in the  from of the  room. Usually  boys  sit in the  back, In China  boys can be  very shy, The  girls seem to be  more vocal and enthusiastic  about learning English. My quest is  to  win my boys over. I think English  needs  to be  learned  in a relaxed place. I know  many of  my  students  are upset that their  oral English is not  top notch. I want to  get them to a level where they  feel confident, With confidence and a practice their  English will improve but not overnight it will take  work.

I asked to boys  to help me  demo a lesson. They were  sitting up front. I could tell that they were  nervous. I never ask the  boy, so today I gave the a reward for  assisting in the lesson. I gave then each  a penny. The class was  so ecstatic  and  clapped. American coins are a big thing  for Chinese people. It is  considered an honor  to receive  such a coin from a foreigner.



I only had one  class  today and it was over  at 9:30 so I sat  soaking up the  sun. It reached a high of 79 degrees here  and the  sun was shining.  The bus will not pick  me up until 12, so I have  a lot of  time  to waste I watched the students  do calisthenics and  I have  to say that Chinese  people are in incredible shape. After  playing several round of Angry Birds, I walk around  the  campus. This  campus  is  very small.  I decided to take some  photos. I guess the  security guard didn’t like it much, He  said  something to me  in Chinese. I  didn’t  know  what he  said. Then he  came  back and  wrote  me  a question in Chinese. Luckily three girls that were  English majors came  and  explained to him I was an English teacher. After he  heard I was a teacher  his demeanor changed, He offered  me  his  chair in the  shade. Unlike the USA teachers  are  actually appreciated in Asian cultures. In fact everywhere  but the US teaching is a career that is  looked at as reverent.

I was chatting with the  English majors about American cultural. They told me that the guard didn’t  know why I was there  and thought I was an exchanged student and lost. For some reason everyone is  China thinks that I am a student. Even my students think I am younger than my age, which I will not divulge  to anyone. After the  girls  left. I sat waiting for the  bus. Next time I think I will have  an early lunch and  also open that time up  for  my students in case they  need  extra help.

I love  to people watch and  absorb a  different  culture.  I am  enjoying china  and  I am learning so much about myself. I really think everyone should experience life in a  different  culture, a total immersion. A few of you are sitting and reading this  and  living vicariously through my blog. you are thinking that i am brave  to  do this  and that you can never  do this, I am saying  take the  chance. I too live through someone else blog( http://www.lifebehindthewall.wordpress.com) and it took me  two years  to just  do it. I am so  much happier!  I leave you with additional photos of  Fushen Campus.

This  is  where we eat

This is where we eat

a rare  pretty view

a rare pretty view

Chinese students exercise between classes

Chinese students exercise between classes


This  is one of the  building that I teach in

A building where I teach

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  1. Kristin
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 11:59:00

    Great blog amber !!!!


  2. www.loveniais.com
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 04:10:24

    I know I’m super late, but I’ve been super busy with various projects. Sounds like you have a relaxed working schedule. And the shuttle bus is a nice convenience!


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