Happy Easter…My first Holiday in China

Easter Dinner in China. Don't you love the lilies?

Easter Dinner in China. Don’t you love the lilies?

This  is my first holiday away from the USA. I was  feeling a bit lonesome  for  America and  my home  church. God  is  with me  everywhere though and When I prayed to him this  morning and read his word, I felt  a sense of peace and his love washed over  me. You are never  alone  when you have God’s love. However I still want a puppy!!! That would be  very awesome.

I wish there  were  foreign teachers that  were  my age and  singletons  like  me. I have to  get out  and  explore Nanchang but I have  no sense of direction and  will probably get utterly lost. I guess I want a partner in crime, who knows  maybe next years crop of  foreign teachers will bring  me a gal pal.

I have  met some amazing people in China like Joel, Lulu, Ron, Bai Qing, Dawn, Sean, Keith,Jessica and Jonathan. They have become good friends  as  well as spiritual supporters  for me.

i have  met English professors Lily and Andy(Andy is  really cute) that I hope  we  can become  better friends. I would love  to hang out  with those two but I live in the boonies. Maybe one day I can suggest an outing. I  just have  to reach out to people more. On this day, I reflected on Jesus’ love for us  and I realized that I have been hiding my glory, due to fear of  rejection. My greatest  gift is my love  for others.

photo courtesy of www.crpuppylove.comI want a teddy bear puppy to love!!!

photo courtesy of http://www.crpuppylove.com
I want a teddy bear puppy to love!!!

This Easter Sunday, I spent the more in fellowship with my new  spiritual family. I have to say, I really love that God placed these people in my life to help me grow. I am the type of Christian who thrives on fellowship. I like to worship in a group setting, prayer is  more powerful in numbers. I also like  my time  alone with God  as well.

This Sunday Lulu spoke on love. She  did  a great job and  spoke  from her heart. I just love Lulu she was not a Christian all her life. This sermon made  me realize how much Jesus loves us all. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross.

After service, Dawn made a an Easter lunch. This was my first western meal since I came to China. I had ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and  cheese, broccoli and bread, There were also baked beans. It was so good, I tried  not to eat too much since I am losing weight in China. I didn’t take  leftovers. Dawn and  Sean have a rarity in China, they have an oven!!!. I should have taken a picture of their oven!

Easter lunch courtesy of Dawn :)

Easter lunch courtesy of Dawn 🙂

Welcome to my Crypt!!!! Muhahahaha!


My apartment building in Nanchang at the university.

My  first month in  China, i spent living in a hotel on  campus. I felt extremely displaced. The reason why  I was living in a hotel was because, they were renovation  my apartment.  The hotel had  it’s  perks but I really longed for  a place to call my own. On March 21st I  got the  call that I could come to The Foreign Affairs  Office  and pick up my keys! I was so excited. I walked over with Ron’s wife. I first, being a Christian asked Mr. Grumpy, if  he  would like me to pick up his  keys  fro him but he yelled at me. I am trying to be  a good Christian  but that man( he teaches English too) is really grating on my nerves!  He has  bad  knees  so I was trying to be  kind.

I found  out that I live  on the third floor in room 301. i am not in the same building as Ron the Canadian and  his wife. They live  next door to Joel and Lulu. Joel and  Lulu are my friends and I really like them we  got  to church together.  I was bummed that I do not live next  door to them. i do live next door to Jason, the Filipino. He is  also  an English teacher at my school and  he  has  been at the school for  five years. He is  extremely nice and offered to help me when I need heavy things lifted.

The apartment wasn’t clean and I had  no bed linen, so I opted  to take the  white van into town and  pick up bed linen at Auchan (chain department store in China).I then  dropped off the bed linen at my new place and went  to the hotel i had  class on Friday in the  afternoon so I moved my luggage over to the  new apartment. It took about three trips and  I hurt  my ankle in the process.

People  from the university came later on Friday to bring in my computer, luckily I bought a LAN wire with me. I discovered that I had no internet! Oh no my life was ruined. what  would, i do? I had  whole weekend without the internet, it was torture. i spent time cleaning.

Friday, night, I made the bed  and collapsed on it. i was exhausted. I also got my first cold while living in China  and  it was very  chilly. Oh and when I took a shower the  next morning, my apartment flooded. I was wondering why the water  was not  flowing out of the drain. I had to take the strainer out!!!!. when i got out of the shower there was water everywhere!. In the  dining room and  kitchen. I only had one  towel. I  bought  cleaning supplies  and  several mops. Mr. Grumpy will be  living downstairs from me, I hope the water  did not leak into his apartment.

Besides  the  mishaps, I have to say that I am so glad to be home 🙂 The only thing I need now is  a dog and then my life would be awesome

The Case of the Visa Violation

When, I decided to write a blog it was to a means  of  catharsis  as well as to provide insight for people who may want to teach in China. I don’t want anyone to make the same  mistakes that I did, the process and the paperwork can be  very tricky. It  would behoove the future teacher in China to know the  complete process and be  prepared to remind  their  sponsoring school concerning deadlines. I didn’t  do that and almost had to pay a huge fine. Read my story  and I have to say God was with me today and I really felt  his presence. If  you are an atheist then this  is not a post you will want to read so stop here 🙂

This  morning Ron( The Canadian) and I had to apply for  our residency permits.  Actually I had  to apply, Ron had and expired Z Visa. Ron had  to get an L Visa then he has to go to Hong Kong and  apply for a Z Visa then come back to get  a residency permit.  His Visa expired 20 days ago and he has to pay 500 yuan for each day. So he  has  to pay 4000 yuan , buy an L Visa and  a two way ticket to Hong Kong. Not very  cheap!!!

The driver picked us up from the hotel(yes I am still living in a hotel) at 8:30 am. Ms H( her job is to take care of  the foreign teachers, she  works in the Foreign Affairs Office) met  us there. Now  usually this  is an extremely  quick process. The building we went to was  for Entry and exit of people coming and leaving China. This place  handles  Foreign Experts Certification, Residency Permits and  other things. Ms. H handed  our paperwork in to  one office. Then we both had to get photos taken then we proceeded  back to the original office. This was where  we got yet another photo and Rob was to get his L Visa and i was to get my Residency permit.

photo compliments ofteachinchina.org
This is how a Residency Permit looks. Thank goodness I can get one!!!

photo compliments of
This is how a Residency Permit looks. Thank goodness I can get one!!!

Then it hit!!! Houston we have a problem!!! Ms. H was arguing with the Police officer behind the desk and scurry around and trying to talk to other people. Ron glanced  a peek and told me it was a problem  with my Visa. I was getting worried.  I asked Ms. H what the  problem was, I am in freak out mode  right about now. I was scared and thoughts  about being deported started running in my head. Or about spending  more  money like  poor Ron, money  which I do not have readily available. I did a Tsrah prayer  with all my heart to God. God used people as a vehicle to aid  me. Ms. Hwang had  a connection another  police officer who called the supervisor and talked to hi,. I was allowed  to apply for  my Residency Permit.  I am an extremely lucky girl, I have  to remember how much God loves  me and  he is with me.

The day ended with a Chicken, Muslim bread( Chang Min needs to bring me the bread  from Shanghai, this stuffy I had was puny compared to the ones by him)  purchasing a knife loose tea green and chamomile. So boys  and  girls, what  lesson have  you learned today?

Lesson Learned

1) Know and  be aware of  all steps in obtaining your Visa, Health Check and Residency permit

2) Keep a calender of  due dates  and get on top of your school. you are the  one that suffers for little hiccups not them.

3) Keep a calm rational head

4) Come  to China  with enough money so you can deal with bumps along the road

5) Know that once you enter China you have  to get your health check, residency permit within 30 days. Keep reminding your school!

6) Keep record of  everything

7) There are chickens near my university


Can you spot the chicken?

Shopping area outside the gates of the uni

Shopping area outside the gates of the uni


All My Children


I have  been  teaching in China  for  two weeks, I’m  still alive  Jo!!!! I have  to say, I love my students. I have  so many of them. I have  7 classes. Each  class  has  its  own  distinct personality.  I can’t  wait to teach them and  develop lesson plans  for them. I will be  getting  my teaching materials  next week. Until then, I will be  scouring the internet  for lessons that I can do  for  my classes.

First Class:Cute and shy. I love  this  group. they  are my innocent ones. I only have 9 boys  and over 70 girls

First Class:Cute and shy. I love this group. they are my innocent ones. I only have 9 boys and over 70 girls

I can say that though this  may be  premature, I am so much more happier teaching in China  than in the USA. I have  got  my enthusiasm and love  for  teaching back. My last  job  almost sucked  my enthusiasm out  of  me.  Volunteering in my churches Children’s  Ministry really  salvaged  my  love  of teaching  and  made  me  realize that it was  not me but the  crappy working conditions that I was dealing with.

Second Class: Small and Obedient.  I only have  26 students in this  class. I can  do  so much  more in this  class. We are going to  do more scenarios in this  group.

Second Class: Small and Obedient. I only have 26 students in this class. I can do so much more in this class. We are going to do more scenarios in this group.

My  whole  mindset has  changed, it may not be unicorns and  dragons singing and  dancing together all the  time. However I have  such  a sense  of  peace. I have  found  my  niche. I like  working with college kids  too. This  blog is to introduce my lovely  students. I have  approximately 560 of them. I am  quite the Baby Mama! Enjoy my children.

Third Class: The Talkers This  class is very talkative. This  is  a very good thing. I call them My Chatty Patties.

Third Class: The Talkers This class is very talkative. This is a very good thing. I call them My Chatty Patties.

Fourth Class: The Helpful Class. This  class id  very very helpful.I really enjoyed teaching them. They all remembered my name.

Fourth Class: The Helpful Class. This class id very very helpful.I really enjoyed teaching them. They all remembered my name.

Sixth Class: The Funky Fresh Bunch, These  guys are very so hilarious  silly! I gave  them my QQ. I have  students QQing me already. This  class told me  they want penpals and  they are really into learning about American culture.

Sixth Class: The Funky Fresh Bunch, These guys are very so hilarious silly! I gave them my QQ. I have students QQing me already. This class told me they want pen pals and they are really into learning about American culture.

Fifth Class: Patient Students. I got  lost trying to find the  building. I had  to have  a studetn(Helpful) escort  me to this  class. Thye  waited  so patiently  for  me. I only have 4 boys and the  rest are girls.

Fifth Class: Patient Students. I got lost trying to find the building. I had to have a student(Helpful) escort me to this class. They waited so patiently for me. I only have 4 boys and the rest are girls.       

Class Seven: Where the Boys Are. This  class is boy dominated. the boys are sitting on the sides and in the back. I had two boys who have a good command of English. Th.is class has  my mobile number.

Class Seven: Where the Boys Are. This class is boy dominated. the boys are sitting on the sides and in the back. I had two boys who have a good command of English. Th.is class has my mobile number.





Fushen Fun

Fushen Campus

Fushen Campus

I have not written about my experiences working at the  second  campus of  my college. The second or actually the original campus  is  in downtown Nanchang. If you like city life this  is the campus  for you.  If I lived  at this  campus, I would  really have  more  of  a  taste of Chinese Life. The location is  great, there are open markets  and  a park not too far from the campus. However the Wanli campus  has the pretty factor. The Fushen campus is  just not that pretty and  it is  very close together.  The one  great thing is that I won’t every  get lost at Fushen campus like at I did  at Wanli.

I teach  mainly at Fushen Campus. I only teach two classes  at Wanli. All the foreign teachers live  at Wanli and  are bused to the Fushen campus which is  about 30 minutes away  depending on the traffic. In the  morning it takes close to 45 minutes to get to work. That is  a much better commute than I had  to my former  school in the USA. The driver  smokes  like a chimney and  spits like  a fountain but he  is  very  kind.  The  bus reeks of  cigarettes  but this  is  common in China. I open the  window  and the  problem is  solved.

Sometimes the other  English  teachers  are on the  bus  or some Chinese teachers. Today there were only  two people on the  bus including myself.  This  week  is  an even week. I only have  two classes on even weeks. I have  an early morning class at 8am, so I have  to catch the 7:20 shuttle bus. I overslept so I was  not looking cute  today.


I stop where I want to stop!


On Fushen campus the elevators are selective. Meaning they only  stop at  certain floors. I  found  out this  tidbit last week. I teach on the  5th floor  and the 10th floor.  Last  week I pressed the  10th floor and the  button  did not light up. I kept pressing the  button. there was  a student in the elevator who was trying to go to the the 7th floor. Well the elevator passed our floor  and  we up to the  11th floor. So we  tried  again. finally someone told  us it does not stop at our floor. I have  to go to  the  9th floor at walk up to the 11th floor  and walk down. Oh and the  elevator  also  does not  stop on the 5th floor, It  stops on the 4th floor so I have  to go the  fourth floor and  walk up.  This  is  another example of The Chinese Way. that’s ok the  Chinese Way is going to help me  lose weight!

My class was very  cool, they were  surprised seeing me. Black people are a novelty in China. I hope  more people venture out to teach in China. I had  a  very young girl who was  only 16! she  is  very smart. This  class ranged from 16-20. I had  some  boys that sat in the  from of the  room. Usually  boys  sit in the  back, In China  boys can be  very shy, The  girls seem to be  more vocal and enthusiastic  about learning English. My quest is  to  win my boys over. I think English  needs  to be  learned  in a relaxed place. I know  many of  my  students  are upset that their  oral English is not  top notch. I want to  get them to a level where they  feel confident, With confidence and a practice their  English will improve but not overnight it will take  work.

I asked to boys  to help me  demo a lesson. They were  sitting up front. I could tell that they were  nervous. I never ask the  boy, so today I gave the a reward for  assisting in the lesson. I gave then each  a penny. The class was  so ecstatic  and  clapped. American coins are a big thing  for Chinese people. It is  considered an honor  to receive  such a coin from a foreigner.



I only had one  class  today and it was over  at 9:30 so I sat  soaking up the  sun. It reached a high of 79 degrees here  and the  sun was shining.  The bus will not pick  me up until 12, so I have  a lot of  time  to waste I watched the students  do calisthenics and  I have  to say that Chinese  people are in incredible shape. After  playing several round of Angry Birds, I walk around  the  campus. This  campus  is  very small.  I decided to take some  photos. I guess the  security guard didn’t like it much, He  said  something to me  in Chinese. I  didn’t  know  what he  said. Then he  came  back and  wrote  me  a question in Chinese. Luckily three girls that were  English majors came  and  explained to him I was an English teacher. After he  heard I was a teacher  his demeanor changed, He offered  me  his  chair in the  shade. Unlike the USA teachers  are  actually appreciated in Asian cultures. In fact everywhere  but the US teaching is a career that is  looked at as reverent.

I was chatting with the  English majors about American cultural. They told me that the guard didn’t  know why I was there  and thought I was an exchanged student and lost. For some reason everyone is  China thinks that I am a student. Even my students think I am younger than my age, which I will not divulge  to anyone. After the  girls  left. I sat waiting for the  bus. Next time I think I will have  an early lunch and  also open that time up  for  my students in case they  need  extra help.

I love  to people watch and  absorb a  different  culture.  I am  enjoying china  and  I am learning so much about myself. I really think everyone should experience life in a  different  culture, a total immersion. A few of you are sitting and reading this  and  living vicariously through my blog. you are thinking that i am brave  to  do this  and that you can never  do this, I am saying  take the  chance. I too live through someone else blog( http://www.lifebehindthewall.wordpress.com) and it took me  two years  to just  do it. I am so  much happier!  I leave you with additional photos of  Fushen Campus.

This  is  where we eat

This is where we eat

a rare  pretty view

a rare pretty view

Chinese students exercise between classes

Chinese students exercise between classes


This  is one of the  building that I teach in

A building where I teach

Fellowship, Coffee and Dumplings

One thing that I really miss  back home  is my church. To me,  my church was  more than a church it was  my spiritual family. Sunday were my favorite day of the week. When I was an atheist, I hated  Sundays because  it  meant that I had  to  go to work the  next  day.  I use to call it Sorrowful Sundays. Once I accepts Christ into my heart that all changed.

The White Van

The White Van

Leaving  Liquid  Church and  all my friends behind  were  so difficult. Liquid  Church was God’s instrument to save  my soul. I am so  glad that I was lead  to them. I can  still look at sermons online  but there was something lacking. It was fellowship. I am a social person and I love to communally praise and  worship God.  One  thing that I was scared about is losing my way once I moved to China.  China  is  not a Christian country, though there  is an undercurrent of Christian faith developing in China. As  a new  Christain, is  my faith strong enough not  to be  swayed?

I know  that I needed to  find  another church to attend. My campus is a bit a ways  out of  town. Ok there are chickens and vineyards nearby. Yes I am one  step above  Green Acres. The campus  is  modern though.  So going into downtown Nanchang can be  a bit of  a challenge  for  a non Chinese speaking lass. So I have  no  been to church  since I left the states.

A few days  ago, I had a strong inclination to phone Joel another foreign language  teacher  at my school and inquire about a local church. He  just looks like a Christian. My  hunch was  correct he  told me that he  and  some other teachers at various  universities all formed an informal church. that  sounds perfect, right up my alley. The one thing  about Liquid  Church that I loved was how informal it was.

Sunday morning Joel told  me to meet him  and  his wife Lulu at the  small gate  of  our school. Joel and  Lulu will be  my next door  neighbors once my apartment is remodeled. I went to eat  breakfast first, I had  baoza and soymilk again. I love  baoza. On my way I meet a student who wanted  to converse with me in English. He wanted to practice his oral English  with me. He has a n exam in a few months and  he failed it prior. I even gave  him my mobile  number if he wanted  to further communicate  with him. If someone  speaks  to you in English in China it is  a good thing to take notice of.

I then walked to the back gate also known as the  small gate. A friend  of Lulu and Joel were going to meet  us  at the  back gate  with his  car. Lulu and  Joel met me on their  motorbike. Keith was the  name of the guy with the  car and he was originally from Glen Cove, Long Island. What a small world! I watched him maneuver  around the highways of Nanchang and it reminded  me the video  game “Pole Position”  All I have  to say is  driving in China is  not  for the faint of  heart. I would  be  too scared  with motorbikes, pedestrians and bicycles coming out of nowhere and  from all directions. There are no traffic rules in China. It is just The Chinese Way.

Keith drove  us to the university where we all would meet. It was in a coffeehouse! They call it ETC (English Training Center). On that campus they had a building  where Chinese students can come hang out  and speak English. That is  pretty cool. I met Dawn her husband Sean and their adopted  child Thomas. I also met Jessica who was  a young intern and Jonathan who was also from New Jersey(Monmouth County). The group is  small but immediately sensed the fellowship of the group and  felt right at home. Everyone  was  so laid

photo courtesy of www.gizmodo.com

photo courtesy of http://www.gizmodo.com

back and opened.

Oh and there was  coffee there. I have  not had  coffee since, I left  America. Coffee  is  a rare  treat. I was extremely excited  about this! Dawn made  me  a cup. It was  so yummy. I felt that for  a brief moment that I was transported  back to the US. There is Starbucks in China but remember I live in the chicken area of town so I don’t get into the city much. Starbuck will be  a rare and expensive  dream  for me. I will just have my weekly cup of  coffee at church.

Basically each week  a different member of the congregation will sign up and  preach a sermon based  on the scriptures. We have worship music music in the beginning and  following and  ending in prayer. We have prayer requests as well.  I signed  up to be the last speaker. I will have  to start  to prepare a sermon. I don’t  like  to speak in public, even though, I am a teacher  and that is  what I  do for a living. God  will guide me to what I want to preach about  when the  time draws nearer, I  have  6 weeks to plan  for it.

After  church we all headed in town for  dumplings. We had  three Chinese people that assisted  us. Lulu helped  me, she is Chinese. Oh Lulu is  pregnant and  is  having a baby! Everyone knows how much I adore babies. I love dumpling. I ordered mushroom and chicken and plain mushroom dumplings.  I also ordered  a green ice tea. It came  to about 15 yuan. That is equivalent to $2.41 in USD. I got 12 dumplings  and  a drink for $2.41. I love China!!!  A woman came by and gave us soy sauce. We had a choice  of  either adding chili peppers, garlic  or vinegar to the soy sauce. I chose garlic. Oh my gosh my dumpling tasted  amazing! Having fresh garlic in the soy sauce really enhanced the flavor. I had  some  of Lulu’s pork dumplings  and they were good too. Exif_JPEG_420

After dumplings we went to Aukman’s with is  a grocery store that has a great foreign food selection. I have  no kitchen yet so I was just observing everything. They have  an extensive  fruit and vegetable section. I liked  it better than  Walmart. Oh and a score I found Grape Mentos there. I have  never seen Grape Mentos, so I bought them. Actually Sean  bought them  for  me. they were only 2 yuan. After Walmart  we parted ways. Lulu, Joel and I took the white vans that dropped us off at campus. I did not know  about the white vans until today. For 3 yuan(48 cents) they drop you off at various college campuses The  white vans  also wait outside  of the college gates. My campus is the first stop going into town, so i’ will always  get a seat.. This  is very convenient, now I won’t feel trapped on campus. There is  a shopping mall a  many small stores in that area of Nanchang and it is easy to get to from my campus! Another score!!!

Today was a very good China day for me. I found a new fellowship of Christ followers, made new friends, had coffee, ate dumplings and experienced the white van. I have  off  for  most of the  week. On Tuesday, I have  my health exam. I have  one  class on Wednesday and another on Friday. Even  weeks  are my easy weeks.  I have  to say I appreciate teaching more here than in the  states.

Grape Mentos

Grape Mentos



Helpful Harry

I think that I am the ultimate supreme ditz!!! There has  to be blonde roots under  my scalp.  I told my readers before that there is  a Chinese way and our way. When I came  to the  campus, I was  told that  someone  would take  me to set up a bank account so I would get get paid. Well I waited  and  waited, Yesterday someone from my school called  me and asked  fro my bank account number  so they can pay me. I was like I do not have  a bank account no one has  taken me to get it set up. the woman on the  other  end of  the phone was  confused  that I did not have  an account. She  told  me to get one.  Then she  asked  me if I spoke Chinese. I asked her if  knowing  “Ni  hao” counts.1104806-Clipart-Koala-Holding-A-Help-Sign-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustration

Fast forward to today. I am off today and    relaxing. I get another phone asking about my bank card number. I explained again that no one  has helped  me to set up an account. she  then explained that the Canadian teacher went and did  it on his own. So I informed her that he has been in China  for  six years and I have only been in China  for two weeks. She  said  she  would  send  someone  to help me. The Canadian teacher  told me  later he just showed them his passport and looked  confused and  said  English teacher  and one person did  everything for  him.

She called  back and told  me  Harry would  come help me and from now on  Harry was assigned to me. Harry is  a students and  he  is very helpful. Harry helped me the  last time when I was roaming around my campus utterly lost. He took me to my class that I was late  for. I was roaming around lost  for an hour! Harry speaks English, so that is  a plus.  I guess they are annoyed at me that I was passed on to poor Harry, I hope  he  gets  paid  for this.

Well all this occurred before noon time. I was told that Harry would  contact me  so I waited and waited.  I then called  another foreign teacher with a Chinese wife to see if  she  could perhaps help me  to set up an account.  his  wife was in class. He told  me  he  would go to the office  and push their  buttons. Actually once I move  into the my apartment he  will be  my next door neighbor. I am at the  hotel so I am very far from the FOA office. He said  we  can double team them to get things  done. I called the coordinator  for  foreign teachers. Her phone  was busy well so I texted  her a message. It was now 3:15.

Within minutes Helpful Harry called, he  told  me that he  was  waiting at the bank for  me. We have  a bank on campus but no one  speaks  English at the  bank so I would  need a Chinese person to go and  explain things for me. So I put on my shoes and go. Apparently I am not walking quick enough because Harry calls me twice! I don’t have wings on my feet. I am not a track star I am a fatty! Then  the person in charge of foreign teachers  called  and explain that Harry is waiting. The walk is about 15 minutes. I am trying my best I tell her that I am on my way. I wish that teleportion was discovered!

Harry meets  me halfway and  explain that the bank was  about to close  and that was  why he called  me. We rush to the bank, I am inwardly cursing being a fatty and  not losing weight before coming to China. The gate  was  about to close but she  let us in. Harry  takes my passport and they speak in Chinese. On a sheet of paper all in Chinese he fills in my passport  and Visa number. I write my name. We  go to the window. They make  a photocopy of  my passport page. All is well, but then they ask me  for $25 yuan. I was in such a  rush I did not bring money. Helpful Harry did not have  any money  either. He  had  to ask a friend  of his  that was on line to lend us 25 yuan. right now I am mortified embarrassed, I smile at her and  say thank you but  she  is looking at me like I am the village idiot. If they told me that I had  to pay to open an account, I would have brought money. I have  25 yuan at home.  Exif_JPEG_420
First Chinese Bank Account!!!!!Success though, I have  my first Chinese bank account, However the card says student. I hope they  gave  me the right card. Harry took a picture of it to text to the office  so they can enter it into payroll. I invited Harry to dinner but he declined because it was too early, It was 4:18. It is sooo cold and windy that I did not want to head out again , so I took a bowl with a lid on it so I can take my food home

I relate this to all not as a  complaint, it is  just  for you to understand the Chinese Way. If  you are an extremely organized thinker  and  stringent to routines then China  is  not the place  for  you. The  Chinese  wait until the last possible moment to do  things  and then  rush everything. Chang Min is  like this as well! Myself, I am a  disorganized thinker so it isn’t that bad. I do get frustrated  with things and am glad  that I have other foreign teachers  and  Harry to help.  This  is  all very new to me. I will definitely help the next next foreign teacher to help ease their transition.

Ok off to enjoy my dinner of tofu and celery with rice and hot peppers9everything is spicy in  this province)  and to talk to Chang Min for  awhile I already called him three times today because I love the  sound  of his  voice and we video chatted with qq. Now  we  are just regular chatting. If he  was here with me in Nanchang the banking would have  been  so much easier. Oh a spoiler for all you Chang Min romance lovers, he is coming to visit in April!!!!! So happy.