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I had a formal request  to update my blog, Brigette this is  for you I am sorry I was a bit sad  about leaving Chang Min in Shanghai.  It was a week of  heaven and  he  won’t be  able to see me  again for at least 3 months, so we are regulated back a long distance romance. At least  we  are in the  same  country now. Still I wish  he were  sitting right beside me  as  I am typing this blog. We  are speaking through QQ as I am typing  this  blog. QQ is China’s version of Facebook. I have  about 3  friends on QQ so far. I am video chatting with Chang Min now  and just watched him prepare dinner. It was just like being there with him. He even fake fed me what  he  was  cooking. I know  we are silly, that is what love does to you.  There is  a part of  me that is scared that this  dream  will end.  Whenever, I get too happy about a new relationship, the  guy bores of me and  dumps  me. So I am happy but very guarded at the  same time.  Also  distance of  close  to 500 miles is  taxing although we  chat often on QQ then on WeChat once I get a mobile in China.

The  flight into Nanchang was less than two  hours but it was two hour full of  turbulence. This time it was free of any crying babies. My ride was not  at the  airport  yet. I ran into a fellow English teacher  that I knew from a local online group of expats. His  name  is  Brian and  he  works  at Nanchang University He  let  me  use  his  phone  to call the university. One of my biggest fears is beinlg stranded in a foreign country with no cell phone.  I faced  my fears  because I have  no cell and I am in a foreign country! My ride was in the  airport as I was calling him. LO he  tried to get Brian to teach at our university it was too funny.

When I was in the car I was told the news, the foreign teachers’ housing was  getting renovated. They were preparing rooms  for us at the hotel on campus, however the rooms were  not ready  so I was being put up in a hotel in  downtown Nanchang  for  a night. I really  did  want to settle  into my new apartment, but a hotel room sounded sweet.

Before, I was settled into the  hotel, I was taken out to lunch to sample the local food. I wish I had a cell, I would have taken pictures of the magnificent feast. I think my words will fail to capture the delectable food that I ate that day. It was like  heavenly succulent met that was sliding down my throat. The first dish was a purple root vegetable (maybe it was taro) wrapped in bacon with a sweet sauce over it  .You know bacon makes anything better. I always thought that even when I was a vegetarian. The there was a shrimp and vegetable dish that was quite good.  Lastly was a semi spicy( spicy to me) beef dish. I have  to say  at  first, I did that like it(due to the  spicy factor) but it  grew on me. I also drank this yummy bean juice that is  said to be  good  for a woman’s appearance  and overall health.

I was then taken to the hotel call the Xiafeng Holiday Hotel. Oh it was so lovely. The bed was big and the room was HEATED!!!! My American friends, in Southern China there is no heat. So on chilly nights it is best to cuddle on a  comfy  quilt with your beloved. There was  a western style bathroom. I fell asleep. Let  me  add I wish my Chang Min was with me!!! He  would have loved the room.

I had no means  to get on the internet  so I watched television then read  and  fell asleep. I went to bed  at 4pm and  woke  up at 1m read  some more and  went back to sleep. The hotel had a free breakfast and I wanted to get there on time. This was  not a western breakfast. They  did have fried eggs  shaped like hearts. Oh and watermelon. We blacks love us some watermelon!!! So I got lots of that. I had soy milk, sausage these steamed muffins and stir fried tofu.

I was picked  up later and had  to go and  get registered  with the local police station. then I went to the Foreign Affairs office  and  met some of the staff. I met the male Canadian teacher. At my school, we have  5 Foreign  Language teachers myself an older American guy, a younger American guy and  his Chinese wife(I have  not formally met them they will be my neighbors)  who is  also a teacher, the older Canadian guy and  his new Chinese wife and the Filipino guy who I never met. Yes I am the only female foreign language teacher  at my school. I wish there was another one. The guys  are nice enough though. I like the Canadian guy and his wife the best though.

For  the  next two week, I will be in this hotel room on campus. I saw the layout of the apartment, it is a nice  size with two balconies. However it  looks like  it will take longer than two weeks to prepare, they gutted each apartment and they are reinstalling new  fixtures. To me it may take  a month. I don’t  know the  Chinese way, I am basing it on The New Jersey Contractors way. hehehe

Since my campus is far a,way from downtown Nanchang I will eat most of my meals in the student cafeteria. I have  to  say the food quality is quite high. I have  to walk  to get my food. Once I get my apartment, I plan on  cooking more. I  do have  to say that I have  noticed that my  complexion has  cleared  since  moving to china and my face  has thinned out. There are walking paths allover the campus  so I am going to walk everyday and  eat healthier. The good thing about being  so far away from the the  city is that I will not be tempted to eat all that yummy street snacks. No delivery service either 🙂

Tomorrow  we will go into the  city to do some shopping at Walmart and I am getting a phone to take some pictures of my day out. I will also discuss my schedule in my next blog. I will end this with a blurry view from outside my window.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. brigitte
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 19:02:05

    I think Im so intrigued by your blog because ive travled to other contries a lot l, however, you i feel lile you have travled to a completly different world. You are way braver than me so im going ro lice vicariously through you


  2. aquariusamber
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 20:54:00

    You should come visit china but not Shanghai it would be a bit too crowded for you. I have never traveled until now. I just didn,t want to live a what if life.


  3. SweetTea Cockrell
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 03:10:33

    hang in there… you wll be great !


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