I’m Leaving on The Jet Plane !!!

My last meal in the USA was Bourbon Chicken at the airport in JFK with my niece Caity. Look Caity you are famous now! I woke up on February 13th and Christie picked me from Boonton at 9:15 I had to take transit into the city to take the train. I had 2 large suitcases and a laptop bag. I am beyond clumsy , so yep this will be an interesting read.

It was nice spending time with Christie chatting about her hometown, it put me at ease because I was so nervous! I was traveling outside of the USA for the my first time. I struggling getting the bags on the train platform. That darn luggage kept rolling away from me. The train came but I just made it to the station and of course was so nervous that I could not find my wallet. The train was waiting and that battle ax train conductor was yelling at me and then informed me that the extra luggage would bring my fare up to $12.75. I was so embarrassed that I just told her to go! I hate causing a scene. I had to wait another hour for the next train.

Meanwhile poor Caity was waiting in New York Penn Station and in freakout mode. I had no way to get in touch with her because I have no cell phone service. The next train conductor was so much kinder. He didn’t charge me extra like battle ax intended. Luckily the train from New Jersey to Penn Station was not crowded. I took up a three seater with my luggage. When I got to Penn Station a random stranger helped me with my bag then let me call my niece who was worried sick over me! We thanked the random stranger then began to roll the baggage towards the E train. The E train will take us down to The Air Tran that goes to JFK International Airport in New York City.

The luggage was rolling all over the train and almost hit some people. There were some grumbles but Caity expert luggage herder got things under control.We then got off the E and headed towards the Air Tran. I never took the Air Tran before but all I had to say was WOW!!!! The station was so big and modern and the train was spacious. My only complaint was that they did not make an announcement to the terminal stops. My flight left out of terminal 1 so we lucked out.

When we got to JFK we had to get on many escalators. Caity got on ahead of me and my hands were very slippery. The baggage slipped and and I screamed for her to watch out. It almost knocked her down. Luckily she was safe. . I think Caity was getting annoyed at me at this point. At the same time she was amazed because she has never been to the airport before. We stood in line so I could check into my flight. My luggage was so under the weight limit. I packed very light

My flight would begin boarding at 2:30. It was close to 2:00 pm. I wanted to spend time with Caity. I am not sure when I will be back in the USA..
It was hard to hold back the tears. I was going to really miss Caity. I tried being jovial. At 2:15 we parted, I told her what a beautiful young woman that she has grown into. I tried fighting back the tears. She rushed away , I know she didn’t want me to see her cry. Tears welled in mt eyes. My heart though was leading me to China.

Oh and then I had to go through airport security! Since 911 occurred security is very tight at NYC airports. I had to take off my shoes and coats empty my laptop bag. The have a body scan. I had to get my passport and Visa checked. The experience was overwhelming.

Finally I rushed to my flight. The were 15 minutes from halting boarding. I found my seat and noticed that there were about five babies on my flight. Chinese babies are so cute. However 5 baby crying symphony is not music to ones ears. There was one baby who cried the entire 15 hour flight!!! The others were off and on criers.

My fat butt barely fit into the seat. I really need to lose weight. The plane was made Asian style. I’m 5’5 and my knees touched the seat in front. Luckily, I had no one next to me so I could stretch out I will take back my first impression of China Eastern. It was an enjoyable experience. I cannot complain about seat size because I am fat. Squeezing in int the seat is because cakes, cookies and ice cream go to my ass and belly.

They go feed us on the plane. The stewardesses gave us hot towels. I have never flown internationally before. The food was palatable. It helped me start my sensible eating plan. I spent the 15 hours drinking water or orange juice. Sleeping and reading. I stood up once in awhile. I did get use to the hymn of the crying baby. Everyone else was annoyed by that baby.

When they made the announcement that we were two hours from Shanghai my heart soared. I was two hours from my Min. As the plane drew closer images of my love flashed in my mind. I wanted to be near him. Finally we landed! Finally I was in the same country as my love.

I next had to go through customs. I filled out an custom card while on the plane. It wasn’t too daunting. They just asked me my reason for coming to China and where I was going to teach. Finally I free from them and was cleared deemable to enter China. I went to retrieve my luggage. My luggage was one of the last to arrive. I got a luggage cart and began to walk towards the exit. My eyes immediately saw Chang ?Min’s kind face. His eyes were so warm and his smile so shy and hesitant. The man that has stolen my heart online was now my reality. So thus begins our life as a couple.

Goodbye America, enjoy this video.

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