I Told My Dad The Night Before I am Leaving

Many of  you have  asked when I was going  to tell my dad. I have procrastinated. In true Amber style,  I have  waited until the  end.  I waited until the  day before I am suppose  to leave  to tell my dad!

The conversation went well but he  is  worried  about my safety since I am going  to a big bad  communist country and it is  safe. he was like well you do know they speak Chinese there. UMMM yeah dad, I know, I don’t think he really support  me  going to China. In all reality, I did  him a disservice, I should have told him earlier to give him a chance to absorb things.

I think it was a fear of him not understanding or  supporting me. My dad never  quite understood me yet he knows  me. He  knew during our  conversation that I  did  not pack much. Why well I have  been  a procrastinator  since births. I was  even  born  late. He knows that I can be  impulsive.

I know that he  is  greatly  disappointed  in me, but it is  my life that I have  to  live it to the  fullest. The  biggest part of the  conversation is  that he  does not  want me to be  away  from him and  out of  the country, h e  feels that it  is  unsafe  He   told  me they  lock people up in jail over there.

I tried to explain, the  nature  of  the  job of  an English teacher that I will be  working on a campus, Nothing  could  squash  his  fears. I know that it is  coming  form  a place of  love, I guess it  will take  time  for  him to accept my decision.

Now, I wonder  how  long will it take me  to tell him about Chang Min??? I guess baby steps are best at thing juncture in time. Ok off to  finish packing my  clothes.

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  1. LorMarie
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 03:25:09

    Chang Min?


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