The Final Countdown

As I look at the  calendar, my heart  is  skipping a beat! It has been  and  still is tough  road going  to China. I have my passport, my Visa, my plane ticket, a job, a home and my love  who is eagerly awaiting me. That is  all that I care about. the  doors of my life in the USA are slamming hard behind  me.  Many of  my friends are asking  me  how long, I will be  gone.  I have  not even landed in China  and  already people  are asking me  when I will come back. I can only  shrug my shoulders. Honestly guys, my boyfriend lives in China  and  I really love him. Sometimes for love one  has  to make sacrifices. If you guys saw how  cute he is you would totally understand.

Today is February 11th and in two days I will be on a plane heading to China! In three days,Ii will be in the arms of my Chang Min celebrating Valentine’s Day together. In two weeks I will be  teaching my first university class! Teaching 19 year olds will be very different from teaching 5 year old kids. I hope  my teaching skills  aren’t too rusty dusty. I have  missed teaching so much. It will be  nice getting back in the  classroom.

I wish that I knew more Chinese, but Chang Min says  he  will teach me  more  when I come  to China.  He says  many people in China  speaks English  so I will be  fine once I learn  some basic phrases. I however  want to learn and try to master the language. I want to be totally immersed in the culture, kinda like my friend  and fellow blogger Jo Gan. You should really check out her  blog , she  has  an honest and  humorous take on her life in China.

I am emotionally ready to leave the USA and  start anew.  Not having a job these  past few months  has  not been the  greatest experience. I  did  need that time  to find myself and realize the  changes that I needed to make. I consider this  time  as a vacation from the horrid turn my life took.  I consider  even the  bad  a learning experience.  There are aspects that I will miss my family, friends and  my church.  However there are some known( my Chang Min) and unknown adventures yet to be expected.  I am not under the  illusion that everything will be like dancing the jig with unicorns under a double rainbow once, I am in China.  I  am  sure Chang Min and I will face many challenges.  I definitely know that I will be in store for a huge  culture shock.

My next blog posts will be  after , I am in China  and  about Shanghai and my Chang Min. So the final  countdown of  my days in the USA shall commence. Thanks  for reading everyone 🙂

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat Moore
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 01:45:04

    I wish you safe travels and hope that you find all you are looking for and more. There are many days I wish I could just pack up and leave although my destination is in a totally different direction (Costa Rica) I fell in love with the people and the laid back way of life last winter and hope to be able to retire there someday. Keep in touch.



  2. lifebehindthewall
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 02:48:09

    Amber… i am waiting for you and Min to come visit me…. get ready for that long arse plane ride….. and enjoy the rest of your life.. girlfriend.


  3. luvmuffins43
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 05:33:54

    Good Luck on your adventure!!! but I don’t think you need it, a date for valentines, cute boyfriend, great school and just wait til you start tasting the food. Everything sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to continue reading your blog.


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