VISA Venture with a Encore of China Eastern

Today was the  day that I ventured out of New  Jersey to head into Manhattan.  A trip into Manhattan from New Jersey  can get  quite  expensive  and  is tiring. It  really takes  a lot out of  you.  One thing  is  for  sure is  that I have  been  living in suburbia  for  way too long. I have turned  into a mall mom albeit the  cute  kids. Right now  as I type this  blog I am so exhausted from my day in the city, I  definitely need  to exercise more.

New Jersey  has  totally absorbed the New York Chick out of  me, I have  not  been on the  subway in over 4 years. I  was  so  confused  about which trains  went where. i always  walk in the wrong direction when I get out  of the  train, I had  to try to put on my inner  bitch person while in NY so no  one would  rob me. For the  folks  who know me  I am a pleasant person that is very naive and  kind hearted. So having an evil subway face  also exhausted  me mentally.

Ok back to the trip. My Jersey readers will understand  the  sheer terror of the  words NJ Transit. It takes long and there  are always  changes in schedules. This  morning I decided  to take  the train my Boonton, I ran out this morning without checking the  schedule.I figured  since  it was during  rush hour it would  be  ok. I  bought  my tickets  from the  machine. Then I read a notice  bout a reduced  schedule  at the station. I sat  fro an hour  no train. So I decided  to go back home. As soon as I  got back home, I looked  at the  schedule and  of  course missed the last morning train

I decided  to drive to another  station on the  line. I ended up driving to Montclair because  it was the only  station I knew  how  to get to on that line. So I  did  fins parking and  hop on the train to get  to Penn Station.

It was surprising easy to find The Chinese Consulate in New York City. I jyst had a lengthy walk from the  subway. Note to self: lose  weight and  get healthier!  I have  heard horror  stories  about Chinese Consulate. My experience  was pleasant. Everyone there  was  very  nice  and I was on the line  talking to some Chinese citizens  and  some other English teachers. Even the  people behind  the  counter  were pleasant.The security guard were so nice as well i  did  have  to jump  off line  to  make  copies. Besides that it was  a wonderful experience,  I didn’t  find it too confusing. It was  a lot easier than going to the DMV,

When going to get your Z VISA you  must remember  to bring all the  paperwork that the school sends you,  The paperwork includes your invitation letter  from the  school a letter from the Chinese government concerning  your  foreign expert status and  another  letter letter  from the  government, They all looked  very official  and  stamped. I don’t have them the Chinese Consulate  has that and  my passport.  i have to come  back to New York tomorrow to pick up my completed Z VISA. Yup another 30 dollar plus train ride , This  one  will be  on the  brink of  a snowstorm 🙂

Next comes The China Eastern aspect of  my tale. As many of  you know this  is the carrier that I will be flying  with to China. For  my  new readers I have  a deep seated dislike  of this  company. I have  discussed  it all in  my blog post  called Shanghai Surprise I take yet another train to the address listed  on their  website. The agent that I spoke  to a  few months ago  also  gave   me this  address.  I  go into the  building and i do not see China Eastern name on the directories of  companies in the  building. I ask the security guard and  he  told  me that they have  moved he gave me the  new  address. This address is not very  close and  involved  me taking yet  another  train. i also  had  to walk more miles,

I was a bit frustrated  and  starved. Everything in Manhattan is  so expensive, Finally I saw a deli that had Italian Wedding Soup, I stopped and  relaxed. I have  not sat at this point since my 10am train. The soup put  me  in a warm and fuzzy. i decided this was the  best time to deal with China Eastern in a happy food coma.

Ok believe  it or  not, I had a pleasant experience at The China Eastern Office. I actually  met  two employees in the  elevator  and  was talking to them. One of the women helped  me. I had  to pay $192 in a change of date fee. So  finally, i can say I have  have  a pleasant experience  with China Eastern. The person took  care  of  me  and issued  a paper ticket  for  me,  My  flight will leave JFK at 3:30 on February 13th.

UPDATE: Just as I was ready to sing the praises  of China Eastern , I  go  an email. They  made  a  slight mistake  on my paper ticket  and  need to get in touch  with me, I think  they  made  it a return trip ticket  by accident, Since I will be  in the  city,  will stop by there yet  again.

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  1. jamasian
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 03:51:44

    I so would have brought in proof of the amount of times I called, how long I was on hold and who I talked to that couldn’t help. 0.0 Then just started at them. -_-


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