The Way to a Girl’s Heart is Through her Stomach

OOOH AHHHH OH! Are these lovely? They were my consultation gift from China Eastern because I had  to to come all they way  back to New York because they  made an error with my paper ticket. As you know I am having quite  a history  with China Eastern, well my heart is softening towards them.  I guess i can be  brought by material things. Heck they  gave  me Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites, a pen and a calendar. I love  honey mustard pretzels!

They were  very apologetic about the  error.  I did not  mind having to go back, I had  to go into New York to pick up my completed Z VISA. The Chinese Consulate nearly empty  due to the impending snow storm.  I had  to pay $160 USD for  my expedited VISA since i am leaving on Wednesday.  A VISA to China costs about $140 dollars anyway. We pay way more than any other  country! Well you have  to love being an American. ib got my VISA !!1 I can’t  show it to you

I am so beyond  excited! In six days I will be  in China. picture001

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