Wait R U Really Gonna go to China?

Yes, Virgina, I am going to China.  I think some folks won’t believe me until I step on the flight To the doubting Thomases I shall post tons  of pictures on my blog and Facebook page.Sorry folks I have  not up been up to date on writing my blog. My life has  been a bit off the rails. There was a bleak moment when I thought my dreams to move  to China were becoming a distant impossibility. I prayed that God would provide  me  a means  to get to China. I had no luck finding a temporary job in New Jersey. If I did  I may have taken the easy road and stayed in New Jersey.

Basically it is a waiting game right now, once I get my taxes, I am going to ChinaI am really ticked that there was a delay in the tax season this year. I may have a bump in the water but my destination is still China 🙂

Some very exciting things have happened to me. On a personal level I am as happy as a Cheshire cat. A great development is occurring in my love life. I can’t disclose much because it is very new and I don’t want to to jinx it but I am bopping around like a baby in a bouncy chair. I have a perma smile on my face but I am scared also praying it is  not short lived. anyway look for updates on this in the future.

I received my paperwork for Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I have  to apply to The Chinese consulate in Manhattan to get my Z VISA. Sadly since I am an American my  VISA cost $140 USD. If I was a Canadian it would have only cost about $30. Quadruple the  amount! Just another reason why Canada is  just the best place ever!!!!

So now the waiting game commences. I was always a procrastinator since birth. I was born 2 days late. So of course all my paperwork getting filed and paying that extra change  of  ticket fee will also be last minute. It is  a bit of an adrenaline rush.