Shanghai Surprise

This  is another blog to lament  about China Eastern customer service. OMG, I have  been trying to call since last week to change my ticket from JFK-Guiyang to JFK-Nanchang. It has been an ordeal. First I tried a customer service number  but it was in LA and after the  holding game, they finally answered 3 hours later. The woman refused  to help me because my ticket was in LA. She gave  me a NY number. This  NY number was terrible, I never got through. I have spent days trying to  get in touch. It was like a full time job that I was not getting paid for. I was on hold  for hours with no  hold music. I took a break on thanksgiving Day. Then I continued  to call. This  was  now  war and I will prevail!!!!!

Finally I goggled and got another number. It was in Vancouver. At this  point I just needed  to get someone on the phone. LA was evil. New York was non responsive. How  do  you think my Canadian experience was? Well to  start they had head bopping  bouncy happy people hold music. I just love Canada! Canada is a a Shiny Happy People holding hands version of the USA. Oh Canada, I love  thee. If China doesn’t work out I am defecting to Canada. yes I will give  up my USA citizenship in a heartbeat to be a Canadian.That is another blog  post though about my obsession with Canada. I only held for 20 minutes and then spoke  to a guy named Alex. Alex had a sexy voice. I know  he has  to be hot just by his voice!! In my dreams I will concoct my version of Alex. Sadly Alex was not allowed  to  change  my info because the Canada office was not allowed  to touch American ticketing. Great the only competent branch  could  not help me. The sexy Alex gave me the number to their headquarters in Shanghai. I bid adieu to Alex with the drop your panties voice.

I had to wait to call Shanghai due to the time difference, so I spent all that time chatting to Fifi in England on Facebook. Ha! Fifi you are famous  now. Better put a  comment on my blog for the  shout out. Ok so I called Shanghai office, I actually had an international plan on my cell that I was paying for  since the  days  I wanted to teach in South Korea. So I called Shanghai and  had a minimal hold time, it was 9am their time. I spoke  to Ling. She was ok. She  told  me that I  could  not change  my destination. Lovely. I really do not like China Eastern at all. I am being honest. Come  on really. They switched the date of  my original plane flight from December 5th to February 13th. However  the only portion that I could use was from JFK-Shanghai. I had  to cancel my Shanghai -Guiyang flight. I have  to buy another ticket from Shanghai to Nanchang. Now I can’t  do that with  Ling, why because they only accept Chinese credit cards. Ling asks if I have  a Chinese credit card, duh Ling no lol. So I will have  to go later  to their English website and order a ticket. Oh and I checked the English speaking site is run  by their  Vancouver branch. I hope they  take  my card. So I am  out  of  luck and had  to kiss that portion and  the money  I spent goodbye. I have  to give them 1500 rmb in order to change the flight info. Ling can’t take payment because I have no Chinese credit card. When I enquire  about adding Bowie as  luggage  she says that I have  to talk about that with New York office  to see  if they will allow it. On the China Eastern website  it said that  you can bring animals  and  they even told  you the  forms needed.

Ling  says that I can  call a number in New York  and have  them take the payment. the  number she  gave me was the  number I already had, so I explained that I am unable to get in touch  with them was there  another way. She  gave  me an address of their headquarters in New York. It’s in Manhattan. They will will only take  cash at headquarters. So ladies and  gents it isn’t ok. this jobless Chocolate Chick’s fundage is  getting  low. At this  point, I probably  would have  come  out cheaper using another  airline in the  first place. I was reading Air China website and they actually allow changes  in tickets. My cheapo ways  have  come  to bite  me in the butt.

This  is far from over though. I have to journey to the  city. Manhattan  to you non tri-state area folks. I decided  to make a day out of  it and  see  my lovely niece Caitlin. Shout out today to Caity, she turned 21 today. LUv Ya!!!! I can have coffee with her. We can chat, so it won’t  be that much of  a bust. Then cry  as 240 bucks leaves  my hands. That is  about the equivalent of 1500rmb.  So  I am at  a loss. In  another post I will tally this all up. Oh there is good news though, my school will reimburse me   for  my ticket to China.

So boys  and  girls  what  did  we learn today?

1. Never ever ever fly China Eastern because their customer service stinks

2. Don’t  buy plane tickets  before you sign a contract

3. LA and NYC folks are  rude

4. Canada is the best and happiest place in the world

5,Alex that works at China eastern Vancouver has  a phone sex voice and  has  to be a hottie 🙂

6. Caity’s birthday is November 26th and she turned 21 this year.

I am going to end this with a picture of how I think Alex at China Eastern looks.

The actor is named Zhang Han. I got this picture courtesy of

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. brigitte
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 05:44:45

    I also learned Fifi is fr england.


    • aquariusamber
      Nov 27, 2012 @ 08:27:07

      Lol! Brigitte, I got a laugh out of your comment. I just love writing this blog. I hope to pick up more subscribers. I think things will get really interesting when I am actually in China.


  2. Fifi Osman.
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 20:29:47

    Yeah!! I got a shout out! 😀


  3. beaufortninja
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 01:38:42

    I actually like China Eastern. In Beijing I was going to miss my flight but this tiny customer service lady escorted me through security and took me past a line of about 200 people. Cops never even checked me out. Got to the plane just as they were closing the doors. Maybe I’m just more charming than you. 😉


    • aquariusamber
      Mar 30, 2013 @ 11:29:32

      I actually changed my view of China Eastern in my later blogs. Read the one “The Way to a Girl’s Heart is Through her Stomach” Oh and also, “I’m leaving on a Jet Plane.”


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