Airline Aggrevation

Welcome to my little headache for the past two days! I call it the Headache Game Airline E I have  been in tears due to trying to get in touch with China Eastern to change my flight. It has been two days and I have not gotten in touch with them.! I was on hold for over  3 hours today. I called 4 times and was on hold for intervals of an hour. I did  get an answer when I called the California branch  but they refused to help me because I was flying out of NY. That was  after a 45 minute hold. Yesterday, I did not fare any better. I decided to call after Thanksgiving, maybe that is the problem? I have  never held so long. wasted hours on this.


I have to say ladies and gents please make sure you don’t buy tickets  until after you sign  your contract. I bought my tickets to Guiyang and now I am, going to Nanchang and my date changed too.I should have waited a week longer but at least I learned and  hopefully other will learn from my mistakes The first person that I talked to said they can’t change the destination. I  don’t  believe that. so I will  keep trying to call NY. at least China Eastern could get better hold music. I recommend an 80’s play list then I could rock out  to.  The customer service thus far has been abominable! I won’t  say  don’t  fly with them. I don’t know  how that service is. I will say if you fly with them never call their customer service number.  Never change  your reservation either. I have  to also add Bowie as luggage. I pray  my dog does well.

Dedicate the below song to China Eastern customer service phone numbers.


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