Paperwork! Paperwork

This is  what is needed to get this Chocolate Chick to china. I have  to complete tons  of  paperwork. On the china side they have  to complete more paper work than I do to get me there. I have to  become one  of those list people.

1. Read and sign contract (check)

2. Get health Certificate completed( 3/4 check) I have  no  more medical  to I have to may the rest out of pocket. Luckily  all the expensive things were done.

3.FBI Criminal Record Check. I have  to ask the State Troopers if they can take my fingerprints. NJ does only digital prints. I went through that hoopla with Alaska. Fail to FBI with a money order  for $18

4. Get a  duplicate of my BA, with my many moves that got lost

5. Call China Eastern Air pay the $150 bucks  for  change ticket fee and get a new ticket to Nanchang on  February 13th. Curiously it is way cheaper! So it  balances out.

Next Step Scan all the documents to the school. Then I will receive my invitation letter and  other documents. I will proceed with those  documents  and  my health certificate and BA to The Chinese consulate. to  get my Z Visa  to get into China. Cost of a  Z visa is $140.


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