Next Stop Nanchang!!!!

i made a decision I  chose the university position in Nanchang. I just felt a connection to the school. I also really enjoyed talking to  my interviewer. The university has a website so that is awesome. there was even a youtube student recruitment video. The school is very  multicultural. I love that aspect. The was not as  much as the franchised, but I want quality of life and chance to explore living in China. I can take Chinese language  lessons. travel, I have  accommodations, free medical. I will  live on campus  so it’s a short commute.

One thing I love is that I will get to teach oral English classes and an English Literature class to college Freshman and Sophomores. This is a big age jump from  my former age  group. I taught kindergarten recently, although I love  children, I really always wanted to teach adults. This is  my chance.

The campus  looks beautiful. I can’t wait to get there. Now,  here is the kicker, I have  to wait  three  months. Yes folks  remember I resigned  from  my job. so yeah, I am unemployed in the USA until I hop on that plane  to  China.

Reality time, I have  to get a job to support myself. I decided  to  do substitute teaching. I am a certified teacher  after all. I am going to get myself on the sub list in a couple of local districts in New Jersey. I also applied  for holiday help at Macy’s. I am  going to  apply at other stores as well. I will look to see if  tutoring companies and daycares are hiring. So yeah it will be a struggle but, I consider this character development. I needed the extra three months. I can lose  some  of this poundage and  fit back into my cute smaller clothes collecting dust in the closet.

This is like a Blessing in Disguise, I needed the  time because it takes a long  time to process a z visa.

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