Life is like a Box of Chocolate Filled with Nuts

It has been a couple of weeks  since  my last blog.  Well loads of things happened. My life was like a roller coaster baby!  Oh and I so do hate roller coasters. I was all geared up to head to Guiyang China on December 5th. This procrastinator even bought a ticket on time. I gave my teaching job 60 days notice. I was ready to go. I was never sent a contract. Bid red flags! I had my suspicions about that school. They were dragging their  heels and  not being cooperative with my recruiter.

I was promised a Z visa, then told  to get an L visas then we heard nothing. I found a terrible review about the school. I actually had to use  my Inspector Gadget deduction skills to figure out that the school in the review was the school that I was going to, I won’t spend time slandering the school, I just tell all future English teachers Google Google Google schools abroad! Also remember that that is the posters opinion and may not happen to you.

So now, I was basically screwed, I had a one way plane ticket to Guiyang, no job  in Guiyang and no job back home  because I gleefully resigned from that position. Basically I am screwed.  Thus begins the mad scramble job search. I was only  focusing in Guiyang , because I had a ticket there. I  found  some but they never contacted me back. I guess they weren’t chocolate lovers. At the  same  time  my recruiter was searching as well. Her search was   for  other areas. It looked like I was not going to got  on December 5th.

This is when I decided search on all the the places to get TEFL jobs like  and the  holy grail Dave’s ESL Cafe, which is like the Walmart for prospective and veteran ESL teachers.  I sent out 50 emails in one night. I got 6 replies back all from recruiters. I interviewed with one big named franchise in China, a small language center, and my recruiter got  me an interview with a medical university in Nanchang. I also was scheduled to conduct 2 more interviews for franchised schools. Well all my search is over God placed in my heart where I should be. I knew that it was the right place as I was interviewing. Oh and  you will have to wait til my  next post to see. Don’t  you love cliffhangers.

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  1. beaufortninja
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 01:21:21

    What was the name of the school that was jerking you arouns? The same thing happened to me but I needed a jobs quick and had to take it. Never work for World English. Sometime after I quit the employees mutinied.


    • aquariusamber
      Mar 30, 2013 @ 12:35:55

      I have gorgotten the name, I only knew the Chinese name and when I goggled it, I found out how horrible the school is and cut my ties. It was once called The Goldfinger Training School. Gooog;e and behold the shadiness of the school.


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