Hello world! I’m You’e Ch-ch-Ch-Cherry bomb!

I  couldn’t help  it! I actually sang that song  for a 70’s  Benefit Concert, I though it  was a  great way  to  kick off  my blog. I was going to wait and  start this when I reached China, but I think understanding the  whole process and  journey  from beginning to the  end  will be the most  appealing. Yes everyone, the rumors are  true , I am moving to China. I was posting such on my Facebook page  and everyone got so confused.

Honestly I have always considered New Jersey as only a resting stop on destination unknown. I stayed in New Jersey way  too long, seven years too long. I always felt that my life was destined  for more than it is now. I have  always craved adventure and  that  does not include walking around Newark New Jersey at night singing Christmas carols in July.

I  have always  felt that New Jersey is not where  my  future lies, my future lies elsewhere. Not  to say I am anti Jersey, I have  met many wonderful people on  my Jersey Journey, I rediscovered my faith, I taught some amazing  children and made  some great friends. I also suffered tons  of  heartaches  and woes since  living  in New Jersey. That  can only  be chocked up to LIFE. You take the good you take the bad. You take all and there  you have… The Facts of Life!!! Lol.

Above all though rapid weight, gain, heartaches, losing close friends, job turmoil and  getting  dumped: I have  always  maintained my sense of  humor. Life is  not always moonlight and  roses, but  can  be so much  better if  you surround yourself with amazing people. Though in 2 months I will be leaving some of my  amzing friends Reg, Caity, Nick, Lisa, Laura, Bowie, Liquid Church and The whole You Choose Band, I know you will all will be etched in my  heart. You all have  made New Jersey a  bearable place. Thanks everyone 🙂